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Designing beautiful products for the enterprise. Carrying forward the learnings from the analysis efforts, the design codifies the vision and galvanizes the team around it.

Designing for Enterprise Applications.

Our belief, supported by a vast body of work, is that enterprise backend software and web-based applications are highly nuanced and categorically unique. They require a comprehensive design perspective, a lens that sees what is possible at an organizational level, not what exists within any one individual application or division of the company. The enterprise app is typically forgotten and lower in priority, never seeing the front-end customer, yet carrying a vast majority of costs on the balance sheet each year. All the more reason why our backend apps require our attention. Fix those, and you’ve solved 10 problems downstream.

This design engagement is best approached in a mindset of collaboration. Onsite engagements with in-person design collaborations are imperative, and lead to deeper truths.

Enterprise applications also create new opportunities for businesses and business units to define and clarify their internal processes. These processes often become simplified and streamlined as a direct result of our design iterations. This streamlining is another money saving moment for organizations, providing a real return on investment.

Designing For Backend Applications:

  • - Doesn’t play by the normal rules.

  • - Involves extensive data, control models, and system boundary outlines.

  • - Exposes internal information gaps.

  • - Typically reveals unwanted and unnecessary applications.

  • - Creates new $ saving opportunities.

  • - Exposes areas of holistic simplification.

  • - Helps to solidify investment into infrastructure and ETL data processes, addressing their systemic weaknesses with revamped design.

  • - Changes the overall organizational attitudes and mindsets toward projects and entire departments.

  • - Galvanizes a team around a project.

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