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Our development divisions are comprised of senior software developers, focused exclusively on building out large-scale, backend, enterprise applications for web, desktop, and server environments.


From Diagrams
to Development.

ProductPerfect CEO, Shawn Livermore, outlines how our analysis and diagram efforts have contributed towards successful software implementations.

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Our Focus: Enterprise Software Redevelopment.

We’ve chosen the path of exclusively focusing on enterprise applications and backend development projects for good reason: it sustains life. These systems we work on are the organs of our clients. Without them, operations cease.

We take this focus very seriously, and our development teams are calibrated and nuanced accordingly. Developers on staff are inclined toward backend, server-side software. Our developers and consultants typically will each have over 15 years experience in implementing backend systems prior to being hired.

We pride ourselves in this approach, and have built our firm from the beginning with it as a core value and belief: our target is the enterprise application.

The focus we've had has truly paid off. We see imperical evidence that a focused development group can output exponentially more value than one distributed across all manner of projects and development stacks. As our development teams and our partners’ teams evolve and grow, we have seen undeniable boosts in productivity and output. We’ve traced this to the specific focus on backend enterprise applications.

ProductPerfect fosters a mantra of focus and flow, aimed at encouraging isolation in the development team’s professional software processes. There’s a healthy level of respect for the process, and this leads to retaining our talent longer, and deepening our relationships with our clients and partners.

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