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Senior ASP.NET Web Developer




Remote, United States

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About the Position

As a Senior Level Full-Stack C# Developer, you will help develop ASP.NET MVC and API solutions using Visual Studio.NET 2022, .NET Core, C#, and various Nuget packages. You will work with other backend developers to establish the core infrastructure and baseline architectural framework components to be used for various integrations as well as other internal applications.


  • Develop new API standardized calls using C#.
  • Develop logic within ASP.NET MVC and API solutions using Visual Studio.NET 2022.
  • Help create data access, system, infrastructure, and framework logic in C#.
  • Write, audit, and further improve unit tests using xUnit.
  • Profile and improve our backend API and infrastructure application logic performance.
  • Create security tokens and security models that adhere to JWT token architecture.
  • Assist in the usage of encryption paradigms and models for multitenant sass applications.
  • Participate as a team member in fully agile Scrum deliveries.
  • Design, build, and maintain efficient and reliable C# code.


  • C#
  • Visual Studio.NET 2022
  • AzureSQL  
  • AzureSQL Stored Procedures with advanced logic  
  • Nuget packages & package management
  • NodeJS
  • Deep familiarity with t-SQL, temp tables, advanced joins, while loops, and other complex SQL routines
  • AWS S3 or Azure blob storage; cloud-based file management


  • Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal
  • 15+ years paid work experience with C# in web or desktop development
  • 15+ years familiarity with Relational Databases and SQL Server
  • Deep experience with ORM frameworks
  • BS degree in Computer Science or Engineering
  • Experience with Web services development (SOAP, REST)
  • Strong in Object Oriented Programming, MVC, Design patterns and SOLID principles
  • Experience using Git (repositories, branches, merging, etc)
  • Experience building out web API's  
  • Experience designing databases from scratch including hundreds of tables, foreign/primary keys, indexes, triggers, performance optimization and performance tuning, composite keys, trade-offs between data storage options, data manipulation techniques, etc.
  • Experience serializing and deserializing C# objects to/from JSON