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Achieving Goals Through Database Consolidation

Helping clients rationalize and consolidate their data footprints

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Higher numbers of databases leads to higher chances of data leaks and breaches

It's simple math: more databases means more targets for bad actors. Where databases are many, leaks are not far behind. And, a single data leak can absolutely destroy the credibility and even the financial solvency of an organization. We've helped our clients work through challenges associated with data protection, data isolation, and data security to ensure they reduce the likelihood of a leak.

Too many databases

No company is immune to data leaks but there are several ways you can mitigate data leaks. Running consolidated databases on fewer servers exposes less opportunities for leaks. Fewer databases means easier patching, less dependencies, and lower cost of ownership overall. It also reduces the likelihood of being hacked at points of integration or points of critical vulnerability.

Data warehouses are targets

Data warehouses typically require hundreds or even thousands of servers, each split-out into different logical and physical domains and boundaries. For each point of integration for data egress and ingress, incidents leading to official data leaks become more and more possible. But there are some great ways to shore-up an organization's data warehouse footprint.

AWS-specific hacks and leaks

Amazon Web Services is a scalable, cloud-based, compute ecosystem. There are specific nuances to the configuration, setup, and management that help prevent leaks on the AWS platform, and our team is able to help ensure these best practices are carried out for our clients.

The Equifax breach

Equifax is a prime example of a large-scale data breach and that changed the way IT leaders look at their data footprints. It's a centerpiece case study of why data consolidation is so critical and what can happen when data rationalization is not observed every so often.

"We've brought clients down to a fraction of their original database footprint, saving time and money in so many ways."

Alan Katawazi, Sr. Consultant at Product Perfect

We partner with these industry leading database platforms

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$3.7 Trillion

A study by Gartner found that poor quality data costs the average organization $9.7 million a year and the U.S. economy $3.1 trillion annually

A strategic data footprint

Senior Technology Consultant, Shawn Livermore, explains the far-reaching impact of a strategically authored data footprint.

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Mapping the flow of data

Learn how we've helped organizations map-out their extensive data flow footprints.

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Dependency Analysis

Working with clients to assess, understand, and document in granular detail every dependency along the tree, spanning often over multiple years of planned projects.

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Exhaustive Enterprise App & Database Analysis

Building enterprise application inventory and topology diagrams to help clients rationalize and consolidate is one of our specialties.

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Database platforms & software we support

Database mangement

  • Casandra

  • Couch DB

  • IBM DB2

  • MariaDB

  • MongoDB

  • DynamoDB

  • Elasticsearch

  • InterBase

  • MySQL

  • Firebird

Database Management

  • MySQL

  • Neo4j

  • Oracle

  • Redis


  • OrientDB

  • PostgresSQL

  • SQL Server

  • AzureSQL

  • SQLite

  • Sybase

ELT Data Tools

  • Informatica

  • Workato

  • Census

  • Skyvia

  • Dataddo

  • Fivetran

  • Hevo Data

  • Stitch

  • Talend

  • Singular

ELT Data Tools

  • Lyftrondata

  • Databricks Lakehouse Platform

  • Azure Data Factory

  • Supermetrics


  • AWS Glue

  • Trifacta

  • Qlik Replicate

  • Matillion

  • Keboola

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