Goals of the product deep-dive call

Understand Your Key Software Application(s)

We listen to the nuances and caveats of your specific software application(s) and what your needs may be.

Receive Prioritized List of Requirements or Features

We hear more about the requirements and where the most help may be needed.

Confirm the Existing and Desired Architecture

Getting a good sense of what the architecture is and what it should be is critical.

Receive Project Expectations

In terms of scope, timeline, and potentially any cost constraints or considerations.

Frame a Possible Engagement

Our team can quickly size-up the engagement to characterize a potential working model forward.

Set a Next Step

If it made sense for both parties, a secondary step would be agreed upon. This could lead to a proposal process or secondary deep-dive calls.

60 minute product deep-dive call

How a typical deep-dive call is structured.

"I felt like they really understood our business and listened carefully to our needs."

Marshall Cook, CEO, BalanceGenics

"The intellectual capacity and technical maturity of the Product Perfect team exceeded expectations."

Paul Larkin, Former Chairman of the Board, LERETA

"The discovery session we had with them was extremely helpful in narrowing the focus to exactly what we needed."

Richard Bridges, Chief Insurance Officer, PRAM Insurance Services

"We try to listen well and have made precision a primary objective for the entire organization."

Jignesh Shah, Sr. Automation Consultant, Product Perfect

"I would recommend Product Perfect as a strategic option for custom software and enterprise architectural analysis work."

Pete Klein, Software Development Manager, Microsoft

Schedule a product deep-dive call

A focused session on your specific software applications, platforms, or projects. Typically this includes technical resources from both sides.

Exploring our client's software needs in-depth

The product deep-dive call helps kick-off in-depth planning toward implementation engagements. Our teams specialize in the following 3 key areas:

Software Product Design

Beautiful software doesn't just happen. Our team of product design consultants and software architects work in tandem with client stakeholders to shape and rework your flagship software products.


We redevelop, rewrite, convert, or wrap desktop, web, and legacy software for organizations across the United States, Canada, and Europe.


Product Perfect specializes in conducting meaningful, robust assessments in architecture, application topology, and potential software modernizations.