Enterprise Data Analysis, Planning, & Strategy

Data planning requires a data strategy

Helping clients achieve their goals around databases and data footprints

Learn how Product Perfect helped a large real estate data and payments processing services firm document its large and complex enterprise application footprint to help strategically plan a multi-year modernization effort.

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The benefits of data planning & strategy in your enterprise

Data planning strategy efforts have far-reaching implications. They can reset organizational efforts, rewire application integrations, and formulate brand new savings opportunities, all in one flow of effort.

Improve analytics enterprise-wide

Improving data collection results from a well-formed data strategy. Planning how data will be filtered and used allows a business to set up marketing, sales, and security strategies, enterprise-wide, Hitting your data handling objectives ultimately drives growth through cost savings and consumer satisfaction.

Define and clarify data sources

Enterprises need to define what type and how particular data is utilized. Not all data is valuable, nor should all data be treated the same. Data should be used to align with the goals and objectives of your enterprise.

Expose automation opportunities

Having a data plan and strategy can uncover systems that could be fully automated such as email captures or analytical programs. Software programs can create an automated system for data, helping analysts uncover useful insights and recalibrate their objectives.

Comply with industry regulations

A data strategy ensures there is a plan in place to maintain data compliance. Legal regulations, financial compliance, IT regulations, and data security are absolutely required for businesses of all sizes. A data strategy equips companies with the tools needed to follow industry regulations.

Transitively improve customer experience

Enterprises need to ensure that decisions are based on relevant data and time is not wasted sifting through junk data. Having an automated system in place with a plan ensures data is effectively collected, analyzed, and used to its full potential.

Common deliverables from data integration assessment engagements

Deliverables from these data-focused engagements are comprehensive and help organizations make critical decisions about their data and data strategies. They are composed by data engineers and data architects as well as technical analysts and graphic designers. We work with clients to gather, organize, detail, and diagram their data flows between applications or systems. The outcomes of these analysis-heavy engagements can often lead to streamlining operations or reconfiguring entire groups of applications.

Data-Flow Diagram

A comprehensive flow of data through all primary systems, apps, and databases.

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Dependency Diagrams

Application & project milestone dependencies visualized, showing relational and logical flows.

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AS-IS Diagrams

Typically the As-Is views will showcase the entire suite of applications across the enterprise, color-coded and clustered into dimensions, depending on the nature and needs of the client. Hexagonal is just one of many types of visual approaches to these types of diagrams.

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To-Be Diagrams

These To-Be Diagrams would present potential views of a future state of the applications, post modernization or post-integration. This entirely depends on the direction and initiatives of the client and can vary widely.

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IT Roadmap

Supporting modernization planning or annual budgeting efforts, these IT Roadmap diagrams provide 5 to 10 year timelines showing a phased implementation plan with overlapping and complex dependencies.

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"From strategy, to planning, to execution, we've been thoroughly pleased with the level of database expertise that the Product Perfect team has brought."

Katie Schmidt, Sr. Database Engineer

Data planning pairs well with data strategy

Creating insightful and well-informed planning decisions involves a careful look through the strategy lens, involving the leaders of the data organization and data practice at every step.

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