Risk mitigation for the largest banks

Building actionable tools and integrating world class software to protect banking clients and their customers.

Strategies for Financial, Tax, and Mortgage Software Systems

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Intellectual capital, well-spent

Banking’s technological infrastructure is vital for processing billions of transactions daily, reducing non-systematic risk, and producing an engaging customer experience.

Risk Intelligence

A finance company’s chief concerns should be interest rate risk, liquidity risk, operations risk, reputation risk, and corporate compliance. Finance companies understand that reputational damage and improper risk management can be deadly. Risk intelligence proactively looks to increase the availability of information in the creation and use of tools, processes, and people for decision makers.


Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning are just some of the analytics tools that can identify and price underperforming securities as investment opportunities. Current and historical trends to forecast a company’s profit potential, as well as mitigate any non-systemic risk they may face are the foundations for an analytics team in the finance space.

Customer experience

With solid data governance in place, finance companies can deliver customer personalization that taps into a customer’s wants, desires, and needs that will be recognized and rewarded by all. By combining demographic data with transactional, website, social media, and sales and marketing data, deep and meaningful customer relationships can be built, resulting in strong customer loyalty and powerful social media advocacy.

The evolution of the mortgage and banking industry as technology platforms shift

Michael Gertsner, Sr. Consultant, Product Perfect, talks about the evolution of the mortgage and banking industry as technology platforms shift.

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We support and often work atop these global financial technology platforms

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Risk mitigation as a top priority for banking industry

Setting the stage for a streamlined, end-to-end business analytics process that mitigates risk.

Data Governance

Data governance provides protection to a company’s most valuable assets – its data. Data governance provides a common understanding of data, as well as improved data quality, a data map, a 360-degree view of each customer, and easy compliance with regulatory and government data guidelines, alleviating the potential of receiving costly fines.

Cyber Risk

Cyberattacks have tripled over the last decade and the financial services industry has been the most targeted. Cybersecurity has become a threat to financial stability. Besides the systematic risk involved in a massive online cyberattack, smaller attacks can be devastating to companies unable to access their financial accounts. Ensuring protection against cyberattacks is a difficult but necessary procedure.

Retail Credit Risk Management

Machine learning can spot credit card or transaction fraud in real-time. A proper risk management system can compare real-time transactions against these models and uncover suspicious activity. Once spotted, potential fraud can be shut down and appropriate staff alerted.

Operational Risk Management

Analytics can limit any operational risks caused by failed or inadequate people, systems, processes, or external events. Cybersecurity risks, environmental risks, legal risks, market risks, and fraud can wreak havoc on a company’s performance. Operation risk is mitigated by implementing systems and processes that proactively check and verify information accuracy.


of the top banks utilize IBM Z mainframes.

2021 Heun, David. “The Security Risks Lurking for Banks Still Using Mainframes.”

Financial software is what we do


  • SAP for Banking

  • CorePlus

  • CSI NuPoint

  • Terafinainc



  • Black Knight

  • FICS


  • FIS

  • Jack Henry

  • Encompass


  • Celeriti

  • BankWare

  • Avaloq Banking Suite

  • FIS Profile

  • Siena

  • Strands BFM

  • Premier Bank Platform


  • Oracle FLEXCUBE

  • TOPAZ Banking

  • JMR Infotech


  • Banno

  • Temenos Transact - Core Banking


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