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Support the many types of data warehouses

Working with clients throughout the United States and North America, to implement and improve data warehouse solutions.

Cloud data warehouse

Cloud data warehousing is a cost-effective option for businesses looking to keep hardware costs to a minimum; pay-as-you-go for infrastructure, access, and licensing. We work with clients to set up and deploy data warehouses - specifically calibrated to run in the cloud.

On-prem data warehouses

As a more expensive option, on-prem can be ideal for organizations like financial institutions or government entities that require more security and control over their data. Our team collaborates with clients to carry out on-prem data warehouse implementations.

Data warehouse appliance

As a hybrid approach, businesses will pay for a ready-made data warehouse footprint, complete with hardware, software, and calibration controls. It provides capabilities comparable to an on-prem data warehouse, with the information processing power and scalability of the cloud.

We use industry-leading data warehouse tools and products

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Over $30 billion is the estimated worth of the global data warehousing market by 2025.

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Data warehousing’s role in an enterprise

Data warehousing improves the efficacy of corporate decision-makers by ensuring an authentic source of target-specific, consistent, historical data.

Single source of authenticity

The data warehouse consolidates all your unstructured data from a variety of sources. It then gives a well-defined structural shape to create a single source of truth.

Holistic analysis for business insights

Data warehouses aggregate data in a single repository for garnering a 360-degree analysis of the business’s whereabouts. A single point of data helps decision-makers to set strategic goals with greater confidence.

Simplified API management

No need to manage multiple APIs for data access across the different organizational hierarchies. API management becomes simplified - and error-prone processes are reduced.

Supports large-scale BI functions

A data warehouse supports advanced tools like AI and ML that business leaders and data engineers use for making smarter decisions. Data storage and business intelligence tools can be performed wholly offsite with nearly unlimited scalability.

Higher scalability and security

Data warehouse ensures tighten security through consolidated data access. Higher scalability is achieved by a cloud data warehouse. This provides a competitive edge and more opportunities.

Data warehouse platforms & software

Database mangement

  • Casandra

  • Couch DB

  • IBM DB2

  • MariaDB

  • MongoDB

Database Management

  • MySQL

  • Neo4j

  • Oracle

  • Redis


ELT Data Tools

  • Informatica

  • Workato

  • Census

  • Skyvia

  • Dataddo

ELT Data Tools

  • Singluar

  • Tray

  • Keboola

  • Qlik Replicate

  • Matillion

Comprehensive data warehousing and management services

Efficiently store, manage, and analyze your data with our expert database management and warehousing services.

We specialize in efficient database management and data warehousing services, with a team of experts experienced in designing and developing data models, ensuring seamless data integration, and performing complex data migrations for both cloud and on-premises systems. Our database management services include performance tuning and security to maximize the value of our clients' databases, while our proficiency in SQL queries, business intelligence, and data visualization allows us to assist in data analysis and visualization needs with a focus on data governance, quality, and lineage.

Full suite of data & database services

Full service data and database coverage for any size of organization.

Ready to migrate or set up a new data warehouse? Connect with our team for a focused session.

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