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VR development becomes a reality

Deploying VR applications requires specialized devices coupled with specific hardware and software/SDKs (software development kits) are preliminary. Immersion through the deployment of defines interactable hardware defines VR’s scope.


Comprised of headsets (Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, Valve Index), hand controllers and gaze control, gloves, and hand avatars (to browse and interact with VR content). The required VR sets depend on the platform build, such as smartphones, flagship phones, play stations, or PC.


PC’s with process acceleration cards (3D graphics card and sound card), and Mac OSX computers (sideload with USB cord if required), input devices and tracking system. Cameras allow for spatial orientation.


VR visualization, content management systems, SDK, social platforms, training simulator, and game engine. VR SDKs (software development kit) is another option for designing, building, and customizing VR experiences. Depending on the need, developers use SDKs like Simlab or Viar360, or 3D creation software (Unity, Blender, Google VR Blocks) for VR development.

Working with industry-leading VR/AR platforms

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VR development projects are ramping up

Around the world, organizations are building out virtual reality software development teams every single day. The tools and technologies are here, and the developer communities are gaining traction and momentum. Product Perfect can come alongside your internal teams to bolster their efforts, ramp-up faster, and design a custom AR/VR/XR strategy that aligns with executive level objectives from the outset.

41% of VR shipments

will be shipped directly to consumers. This direct-to-consumer model puts large platforms in the driver's seat and requires developers to fit into ecosystems of Meta, Apple, Google, and others.

ABI Research

VR use cases in various industries

VR’s implementation across numerous industries has proved to allow for dynamic, low overhead product development and iterative manufacturing refinements. Since VR does not require physical assets to interact with, changes to product design or implementation can be made in real-time.


BMW designers and engineers use VR to test various car components after assembling without physical prototyping.


IKEA uses VR Experience app to allow consumers to experience and explore three life-size kitchen settings to revolutionize the customer experience.

Education & Training

Walmart uses VR training modules for millions of their employees who are unable to attend Walmart Academies for in-person training.


Siemens uses VRdirect in one of their industrial facilities to train employees on environment, health, and safety programs—going as far as developing emergency scenarios.


XPO Logistics uses VR to train their workers on cross-dock operation, and guidance for inventory picking.


reduction of employee injury after Ford implemented virtual reality as a part of its manufacturing processes.

2018 Capgemini Research Institute

Our designers can help you imagine an immersive experience.

We're here to help you with engaging and interactive designs for VR, AR, MR, and other immersive technologies.

Our digital design group offers a comprehensive suite of user experience design services, utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and other immersive technologies to create innovative and engaging experiences. We follow a user-centered design approach, and our supportive teams augment the design team to provide user research, wireframing, prototyping, usability testing, and more.

"They understood the pharmaceutical industry well and built for us a beautiful, custom platform that tied-in to our vendors and partners seamlessly."

Erin Fergus, Accounting Manager, PRAM

"We saw the diagrams take shape and quickly realized they had a great handle on the complexity. Our data project would not have succeeded without their involvement."

Angela Ruthenberg, Automotive Data Analyst, Confidential Client

"Product Perfect consultants have been deeply positioned as a part of our team. We've seen substantial benefits from their involvement."

Daniella Serquen, President, BalanceGenics

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