Attack Resiliency

Cybersecurity attack resiliency services

Helping clients test and evaluate their application and system vulnerabilities early and often

Ransomware: honey, someone is at the door

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Empowering client attack resiliency

Risk Assessments

Insight centric tools collect integral data on enterprise operations to deliver comprehensive reports. Detail driven results allow executive leads to identify fault lines within infrastructure and convert weaknesses into stronger cybersecurity policy.

Penetration Testing

A complete engagement with enterprise structure with threat-analysis kits to understand every layer of network and IT operations. This process seeks out critical issues, redundancies, and inefficiencies to renovate business response.

Planning Materials Formulation

An assessment of current infrastructural resources to fine-tune investment roadmaps, utilize current resources effectively, and understand enterprise strengths and weaknesses.

Attack and “Fire Drill” Simulations

Custom tailored scenarios with enterprise needs in mind to develop “what if” threat engagements. These tests respond along the network and work layers. Knowing that staff is trained to fight against worst-case events should be a priority.

SEIM Foundations

Establish full scale problem resolutions with Security Event and Incident Management (SEIM). SEIM combines smart solutions with frictionless scaling adjacent to the layout needs of an enterprise.

CISO Sidecar Engagements

Hands-on assistance and discussion with CISO lead to buildout comprehensive network mesh plans, infrastructure, and proactive policies for a sanitized, and agile IT layer.


Annual number of ransomware attacks in 2022 (in millions).

Statistica: 2022

Resilient operations for a stronger enterprise model

Creating a protection model for the future of an enterprise.

Proactive and intelligent protection

Reconstituting the nature of IT and cybersecurity infrastructure with proactive defense insights. Enterprises need to design infrastructure that actively catches threat-events and intrusions before network and infrastructural impact.

Information layering and mapping

The focus should be on comprehensive data and information layouts of enterprise’s infrastructure and a categorizing of each node by weight of importance, risk level, and breach potential.

Capital and infrastructure shielding

Utilizes insight reports to evaluate data and total infrastructure value. Resiliency based solutions defend against enterprise-wide attacks, reducing costs associated with unpredictable downtime.

Data safety and integrity enforcement

Advantageous management and analytical tools maintain the integrity of data while understanding information flow throughout every network layer.

Seamless governance

Some hallmarks of well-developed enterprise and IT governance includes processes that utilize agile detection, response, and recovery. Proper governance plans work account for past, present, and future compromises to an enterprises data management system.

Foresight into future development

Cybersecurity protocols subjected to regular compliance and regulatory checks must anticipate potential short comings; adopting models that account for as many outcomes as possible.

2019 WhiteHat Security “Application Security Statistics Reports”

2019 WhiteHat Security “Application Security Statistics Reports”

$4.2 Trillion

The overall net benefit of investing in the resilience of infrastructure in developing countries could be up to $4.2 trillion over the lifetime of new infrastructure

JUERGEN VOEGELE “Invest in Resilience, Invest in People.”

Full cybersecurity consulting services

7 areas of coverage for any size of organization.


We work with our clients to assess, reverse-engineer, evaluate, and reform enterprise applications to be cyber-aware, and to adhere to long-standing and widely accepted security practices.

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App Security

We work with our clients to assess, reverse-engineer, evaluate, and reform enterprise applications to be cyber-aware, and to adhere to long-standing and widely accepted security practices.

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Data Security

We situate and engage with client data executives and engineers to establish internal security culture combined with fully realized security architectures.

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Cloud & Infrastructure Security

Companies rely on frictionless, agile, scalable, and cost-effective security in the cloud. This allows for easy endpoint management and proactive security models to exist throughout their organization.

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Manage and mitigate regulatory risk by assuring total compliance with all bodies of cybersecurity law, guaranteeing hassle-free operations, and detailed lists of applicable regulation standards.

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Attack Resiliency

Empowering security teams to apply thorough risk assessment drills for each network layer combined with comprehensive management resolution models.

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Threat Intelligence

Help for developing automated tools and context-sensitive data-built solutions to create digestible, actionable reports for critical executive decisions to reduce threat risk.

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“My message to companies that think they haven’t been attacked is: ‘You’re not looking hard enough’.”

James Snook, Cybersecurity expert

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