Patterns & Anomalies

Pattern detection as a business accelerator

Helping clients design, create, and maintain pattern detection systems

Whitepaper: How Companies Can Start Using Artificial Intelligence

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Detecting patterns is an art form

As an extension of a thriving machine learning department, pattern and anomaly detection models have much to offer the modern organization.

Fraud Detection

Artificial intelligence and specifically, machine learning detects fraud faster, more efficiently, and far more accurately than any contrived manual system. Patterns not seen by the naked eye can be captured easily using algorithmic models of ML.

Data Irregularities

From the rhythms of keystrokes to the culmination of data across platforms and internet properties, data irregularities are caught and reported by automated detection monitors. We work with clients to tackle these tough data recognition challenges and kick-off initiatives that lead to real-world monetary recapture.

Dramatic Efficiency Gains

The cost and time savings at scale of pattern detection systems and applications can be dramatic, when well-framed within the enterprise. Efficiency gains are often the catalyst toward meaningful reinvestments, paying for themselves in almost every instance.

Pattern detection across the customer journey

Helping our clients create algorithms, software, and machine learning models to detect and prevent abuse at every stage of the customer experience.

Working with industry leading artificial intelligence software platforms

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Whitepaper: How Companies Can Start Using Artificial Intelligence

How Companies Can Start Using Artificial Intelligence

“AI will help with data standardization, pattern detection, safe data sharing, prediction and anticipation.”

Manuela Veloso,
Head of AI Research,
JP Morgan Chase

Artificial Intelligence

Working with all major artificial intelligence platforms


  • Landing AI

  • Instrumental

  • Elementary

  • Fero Labs

Model Validation Monitoring

  • Lattice Flow

  • Robust Intelligence


  • Fiddler

Finance & insurance

  • Zeni

  • Unit21

  • EvolutionIQ

  • Cervest

  • Tractable


  • Sword Health

  • Syllable

  • Whisper

  • Insillco Medicine

  • ACTIV Surgical

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