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Helping clients lock-down the systems, one application at a time

The hard numbers: what cybersecurity really costs

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App security paradigms

Though there are many ways to approach application security, we've seen a handful of key lenses to peer through over and over through client engagements and industry experiences.

Writing secure code

We provide assistance and hands-on solutions for the foundational development of secure, regulation-complaint code and architecture.

Open-source (Log4j) app security

Open-source integration and utilization translates to flexible choices while we simultaneously check and re-check for secure design.

Locking-down app deployments

A robust toolbox facilitates the development pipeline for critical internal threats and intrusions to assure a clean delivery, utilizing authentication, encryption, and security testing utilities.

Development security enforcement

Building agile software with security fundamentals established at its core in dynamic sandbox environments, testing, and re-testing each phase and layer of the application stacks within an enterprise.

"I fully trust Product Perfect to build out secure applications and compliant DevOps practices for us."

Scott DeLong, Executive Team, Confidential Client

"We saw the diagrams take shape and quickly realized they had a great handle on the complexity. Our data project would not have succeeded without their involvement."

Angela Ruthenberg, Automotive Data Analyst, Confidential Client

"Product Perfect consultants have been deeply positioned as a part of our team. We've seen substantial benefits from their involvement."

Daniella Serquen, President, BalanceGenics

App security in your enterprise

Product Perfect provides critical support for the lifespan of your application stacks for a fully secured end-product

Secure development and production

Stay ahead as an enterprise leader with expedient, secure development, and integrated Cloud tools, giving you the power to remain an industry leader with high-volume output.

Intrinsic Dev team Support

Native support for dev team executives, scaling to meet their needs, with hands-on guidance and problem resolution.

Reduce redundancy, increase efficiency

Elimination of redundant tasks combined with simultaneous development language clarification translates to a frictionless dev process.

Rethink the Development Cycle

Reimagine the entire dev-cycle with a design philosophy embedding both security training and architecture within the application pipeline.

Error reporting and design clarity

Analyze and eliminate critical security bugs with digestible executive reports for critical decisions and business risk-reduction

Seamless and secure delivery

Finalize and distribute powerful results with secure app delivery, internally tested with insight tools, Cloud environments, and regulatory compliance checks

A 'security-first' app development strategy can transform how organizations build products

Empowering the app development pipeline means integrating core security philosophies into its foundational architecture. Executives rely on high-volume, agile, and safe app deployment to strengthen their capital and sustainability. By involving app security solutions, Product Perfect reinvent the workflow stack while simultaneously ensuring an ironclad work model with app security resiliency built into every layer.

Global zero trust security market analysis

Zero-trust is growing, expected to reach 87b dollars by 2030.

2019 WhiteHat Security “Application Security Statistics Reports”

2019 WhiteHat Security “Application Security Statistics Reports”

Full cybersecurity consulting services

7 areas of coverage for any size of organization.


We work with our clients to assess, reverse-engineer, evaluate, and reform enterprise applications to be cyber-aware, and to adhere to long-standing and widely accepted security practices.

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App Security

We work with our clients to assess, reverse-engineer, evaluate, and reform enterprise applications to be cyber-aware, and to adhere to long-standing and widely accepted security practices.

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Data Security

We situate and engage with client data executives and engineers to establish internal security culture combined with fully realized security architectures.

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Cloud & Infrastructure Security

Companies rely on frictionless, agile, scalable, and cost-effective security in the cloud. This allows for easy endpoint management and proactive security models to exist throughout their organization.

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Manage and mitigate regulatory risk by assuring total compliance with all bodies of cybersecurity law, guaranteeing hassle-free operations, and detailed lists of applicable regulation standards.

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Attack Resiliency

Empowering security teams to apply thorough risk assessment drills for each network layer combined with comprehensive management resolution models.

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Threat Intelligence

Help for developing automated tools and context-sensitive data-built solutions to create digestible, actionable reports for critical executive decisions to reduce threat risk.

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