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The Product Perfect aerospace practice includes senior technology consultants, including former NASA and other top 5 Aerospace firms.

Defense Contractors

Defense contractors provide advanced defense services to the U.S. Military. Some services include Advanced Battle Management systems (ABMS). The challenges of long product life cycles, cost controls, regulatory compliance and contract requirements lead to overspending and prolonged development periods. They require custom software solutions to manage these challenges which can help in shifting back their focus on innovation.


Customer experience management is a key area of improvement for the airline industry. Capturing customer data and integrating with customer databases, such as pre-flight, in-flight, and post-flight, is critical for the airline industry. This requires an innovative approach to leverage technology and personalized customer management solutions that improves passenger experience, builds customer loyalty at multiple touch points, (sales and services) and an overall reduction to air travel costs.

Component Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies for airplane components design and build complex and precise airplane components. They need software solutions for complex assembling of manufacturing components, component manufacturing execution, product development and configuration, and product compliance and safety.

Intelligent Automation is Critical for Aviation and Defense Industry

The aviation, aerospace, and defense industries are witnessing strong growth with the adoption of advanced hardware and software platform advancements. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are creating a need to invest in intelligent automation. Global competition will force companies to develop robust technological solutions that produce competitive advantages.

Aerospace platforms and technologies

We work with various leading aerospace technology frameworks and software for our aerospace clients.


MATLAB is a platform for solving scientific and engineering problems using computational mathematics. By using matrix-based MATLAB language, engineers analyze and design products and systems. MATLAB has prebuilt tool boxes for data visualization. MATLAB is used for image processing, signal processing, machine learning, computer vision and communications, robotics, control design, and computational finance.


CATIA is a multi-platform design solution for computer-aided design, engineering, manufacturing, and 3D. CATIA refers to Computer Aided Three-Dimensional Application that helps create parametric and non-parametric 3D models. It enables engineers, designers, and system architects to collaborate in a social design platform with a single source of truth and a powerful 3D dashboard and create, develop, analyze or modify real-time product designs using graphical representations.


nTopology is an advanced engineering design software. The software's core has an implicit modeling engine that allows engineers to make real-time changes with advanced geometry and design data. It eliminates traditional design and engineering bottlenecks. nTopology facilitates direct control of design and engineering processes and creates workflow value. It is possible to control designs at every point in space using engineered formulas, simulations, and test data.


SharkCAD helps manufacturing processes with a new standard of 3D digital prototyping. SharkCAD software offers a full stack of CAD design tools from conception to completion, from drafting, diagram, and documentation. Its features are 2D drafting tools, 3D solid and mesh modeling, photorealistic rendering, 3D printing, and animation. It has advanced modeling tools and parametric constraints with a mathematical constraint engine.


Inventor software provides professional-grade design and engineering solutions for designers and engineers. The features of Inventor are visualization, 3D mechanical design, simulation, and documentation. Inventor tools include parametric, freeform modeling, real-time editing, industry standard DWG drawings, and multi-CAD translation capabilities.

The Product Perfect aerospace practice includes senior technology consultants, including former NASA and other top 5 Aerospace firms.

Chad Collins, Sr. Consultant at Product Perfect

How modern technology frameworks affect the aerospace industry.

Chad Collins, Sr. Consultant, Product Perfect, talks about the impact of modern technology frameworks on the aerospace industry.

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