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The impossible task of modernizing government software

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Government-friendly software solutions and applications

Application integration and maintenance is critical for government’s effective data governance, operations, and functionality.

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Alan Katawazi, Sr. Consultant at Product Perfect

Reduced by 30,000

Chatbot, built by Oracle Cloud Hub engineers, helped the State of Oklahoma reduce the volume of calls (about 1500 per day) to the IT helpdesk, save 30,000 state employees from rushing unnecessarily to the office, and allow them to attend vital constituent services.

2020 Oracle "Innovation at Cloud Speed-Oracle Government 360". White Paper.

Areas We Serve


The Department of Defense (DoD) requires custom software development service and solutions to deploy and maintain their mission-critical systems. The DoD opts for custom software development as it defines their ability to detect, share, integrate, and coordinate enterprise processes.

Land Management

The government's land use is manageable with the help of planning and zoning software. With the use of custom software development solutions, local and state governments can automate certain land-use functions such as zoning, land use management, and code enforcement. These software solutions aim to manage, track, and expedite land usage.


State governments require reliable modern software to implement state programs that deliver essential public services. A custom software development service handles housing, child welfare benefits, medical benefits, and unemployment insurance querying for millions of citizens.


Local governments and civic bodies require custom software development services to perform varied functions. The scope of this software includes budgeting, collecting, and sharing real-time data with the public, administrative and financial reporting, and monitoring transactions, expenses, and revenues.

Tax Authority

Internal Revenue Service is a statutory body that collects taxes and enforces tax codes for employees, independent professionals, and business entities. Custom-developed software applications automates IRS business operations, ensuring data security and authenticity, and maintenance of IRS-specific functionalities.

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Customer Relationship Management

The US government has the E-governance program to connect with the citizens and enable them to access real-time information online. The E-governance program aims to enhance the communication between the government and its citizens. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software enables the government to handle complex requests of the citizens and meet their needs with fast response time and quality citizen experience. The CRM solution lets citizens contact the city or government offices quickly through the online citizen portal accessible via smartphones. As CRM facilitates centralized information and administration. City or government offices can capture data from a centralized repository without wasting time, errors or duplication of data.

Performance Management Reporting

Performance management for the government or public sector satisfies stringent requirements and is strictly accessible to public sector users, including local, state, and federal agencies. Custom-developed project management software ensures advanced data security controls with high-level data privacy and protection. The custom-developed government reporting tool allows data consolidation into a single validated system of record. This facilitates the ability to run custom reports for budget planning, agency evaluations, and audits without IT expertise or consultation.

Management & Accounting

The government financial management and accounting software incorporates several federal financial capabilities. The financial management solution for different government agencies has features to meet specific requirements. These requirements include budgetary accounting, funds control, budget execution, payment processing, prompt payment, delinquency management, debt collection, and treasury reporting. The financial management solution ensures compliance with federal standards, auditing, and role-based controls.

Bespoke/Custom Solutions Needed

Generic COTS software may not always work for public works, as each department and each government agency may require very specific and unique capabilities. Public works such as street maintenance, facilities, water, electricity, gas, sanitation, and parks have their unique asset management and workflows. The same asset management software feature will not meet the needs of fleet management sector and street management sector.  As the needs of each public works departments are unique and specific, custom-developing software solutions are essential for each of these departments.

Application Work Order/Purchase Order Systems

State and local government agencies and municipalities must manage work orders, increase asset and equipment lifespan, and plan scheduled maintenance tasks. Keeping track of these work orders and maintenance is time-consuming and labor intensive. Probabilities for failure and time lag can cause inconsistencies and affect asset management. The work order or purchase order software enables state and local government agencies to submit work orders and provides key alerts and important metrics for purchase orders, scheduled maintenance, and efficient asset management.

Government software compelled into modernization

Alan Katawazi, Sr. Consultant, Product Perfect, Discusses the next modernization wave of government software.

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