Modernizing legacy apps is our specialty

Helping clients reimagine their future by modernizing their flagship applications

Learn how Product Perfect helped a large real estate data firm assess its IT footprint to plan a multi-year modernization effort.

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Modernizing applications of all types

Converting, rewriting, and redeveloping desktop, web, and legacy apps for our clients

Application Redevelopment

Reimagining desktop, web, and utility applications can often transform entire businesses and usually eliminates the crippling dependency on obsolete software languages.

Mainframe Modernization

The aim of a mainframe modernization project is to enable these critical legacy applications to phase out and begin to finally leverage modern platforms and modern techniques that are truly only available in contemporary environments.

Application Facelifts

When full rewrites are simply not possible, we offer facelift procedures that can greatly extend the life of applications and improve brand quality for organizations of any size.

"The Product Perfect consultants were able to understand our industry well and design a great user experience as a result."

Erin Fergus, Accounting Manager, PRAM

"Product design is one of our core competencies."

Jeff Sherwood, Senior Product Design Consultant, Product Perfect

"Inserting high-end software product designers into software development teams has made all the difference for our clients."

Shawn Livermore, Senior Consultant, Product Perfect

"The Product Perfect designer created an entirely new experience for us. Outstanding work."

Brad Wilson, Chief Underwriting Officer, PRAM Insurance Services

Our business is calibrated for redevelopment

45% of our entire practice is devoted to the science and practice of application redevelopment.

A practice focused on app redevelopment

Modernization is in our DNA. Schedule a call to connect and share the specific needs around modernization and redevelopment.

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Our modernization team can also assess your IT landscape

Deliverables for an Enterprise Application Topology Assessment Engagement are often wall-sized, comprehensive, and provide meaningful outcomes for organizations. They are composed by solution architects, enterprise architects, technical business analysts and designers.

Application Topology Diagrams

These comprehensive and intricate topology diagrams help to capture the specific and far-reaching integrations within all applications in the enterprise. Clients may look at the entire picture, or choose to limit the purview to just a specific subset of applications and databases.

Preview Deliverable Samples

Web Service Integrations

These diagrams showcase how and where webservices are called, and underlying data is flowing through apps and databases. Clients may opt to see the big picture view, or narrowly scope the model to just specific applications.

Preview Deliverable Samples

Data-Flow Diagram

A comprehensive flow of data through all primary systems, apps, and databases.

Preview Deliverable Samples

Database Integration Topology

All integration points across all data stores and databases in the IT footprint.

Preview Deliverable Samples

Dependency Diagrams

Application & project milestone dependencies visualized, showing relational and logical flows.

Preview Deliverable Samples

Application modernization is our specialty

We specialize in application modernization, mainframe modernization, and legacy system modernization for mid-to-large sized companies in North America.

Our core practice includes software development modernization projects and legacy application modernization services, as well as cloud migration and cloud adoption services to facilitate the transition to the cloud. We work closely with our clients to develop a modernization strategy that aligns with their business goals and transform their IT infrastructure. Our team offers application and IT transformation services, as well as application portfolio analysis, code refactoring, system modernization, and platform modernization. With our expertise in technology modernization, software development, and DevOps, we assist our clients in adopting micro-services, containerization, and cloud-native technologies to enable rapid and reliable software deployment. Our hybrid cloud solutions provide the best of both worlds, ensuring that clients' critical business systems are always available. We offer migration planning services to facilitate a seamless transition to the cloud, and our cloud strategy and cloud infrastructure services help clients maximize the value of their cloud investments.

Strategies for Exiting the Mainframe

Capturing decades of expertise in helping clients modernize and transform their technology footprint while removing the mainframe from their environment.

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We make old, ugly apps new and beautiful

Modernization turns old desktop or legacy applications into entirely new and modern user experiences. Review actual screen mockups of previous software product design implementations by Sr. Product Design Consultants at Product Perfect.

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Other application modernization services

Aside from our full service technology software consulting general offerings, we offer various other types application modernization, including these below.

Connect with our team for a focused, collaborative session.

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Discovery Call

Senior consultants with previous experience with these types of projects can set the stage for a well-framed engagement.

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Product Deep-Dive

A focused session on your specific software applications, platforms, or projects. Typically this includes technical resources from both sides.

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