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Building analytics and AI platforms and features as a native extension of existing healthcare infrastructure.

Learn how Product Perfect helped a leading pharmaceutical brokerage to design a new iOS application to expand its reach to end consumers across the country.

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Healthcare can rise to the challenge

Now more than ever, the healthcare industry is stretching into a future it is destined to embrace.

Enhanced medicine with AI

Predictive analysis has the potential to shift the healthcare paradigm and make value-based care the norm. Predictive analytics will reduce the cost of healthcare, improve the patient experience, and provide doctors and nurses with more control over their patients. The introduction of technologies like, cloud computing, wearables, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and even 3D printing will revolutionize healthcare as well as optimize overall population health.


Modern telemedicine brings technology to patients, allowing them to discuss their symptoms with doctors in real-time, using video, online portals, and email to gain instant diagnosis. Caregivers can remotely monitor their patients, while doctors and providers can easily share a patient’s health information with each other. We've helped healthcare organizations perform strategic assessments of their infrastructure and it's paid dividends for them.

Modernized risk management

With a leveraged technological footprint, today’s healthcare organizations can finally proactively safeguard each patient’s safety as well as protect the organization’s assets. Healthcare risk management must reduce medical errors and strengthen cybersecurity protocols. Proper healthcare risk management should adherer to these tenets: detection, monitoring, assessment, mitigation, and prevention.

Proudly supporting and integrating with industry leading platforms and tools

A new era of personalized medicine

The technology advancements that have taken healthcare to entirely new levels have not gone unnoticed.

Improve Efficiency
Level 0
Fragmented Point Solution
Inefficient, inconsistent versions of the truth.
Cumbersome internal and external reporting.
Level 1
Enterprise Data Operating System
Collecting and integrating the core data content.
Level 2
Standardized Vocabulary & Member Registries
Relating and organizing the core data content.
Reduce Variation
Level 3
Automated Internal Reporting
Efficient, consistent production of reports & widespread availability in the organization.
Level 4
Automated External Reporting
Efficient, consistent production of reports & adaptability to changing requirements.
Improve Health
Level 5
Waste & Care Variability
Reducing variability in care processes. Focusing on internal optimization and waste reduction.
Level 6
Population Health Management & Suggestive Analytics
Tailoring member wellness based upon population metrics. Fee-for-quality includes bundled per case payment
Level 7
Clinical Risk Intervention & Predictive Analytics
Organizational processes for intervention are supported with predictive risk models. Fee-for-quality includes fixed per capita payment.
Level 8
Personalized Medicine & Prescriptive Analytics
Tailoring member care based on population outcomes and genetic data. Fee-for-quality rewards health maintenance.
Level 9
Direct-to-Consumer Analytics & Artificial Intelligence
Putting member data, analytics, and Al in member's hands so they can own more of their health and healthcare decisions.
Source: 2020 Health Catalyst "The Healthcare Analytics Adoption Model: A Roadmap to Analytic Maturity."

AI based diagnosis

AI can help doctors and nurses diagnose illnesses through natural language processing, which can use metadata and cross-reference this with a collection of annotations that detect, normalize, and code medical findings from unstructured clinical data. AI’s insights provide critical contextual information for problems, procedures, and medications identified in medical literature.

Personalized medicine

Data-driven personalized medicine uses advanced analytical tools to scan the data of millions of patients to find patterns and identify subpopulations who respond to treatments differently. With electronic medical record silos starting to fall, the introduction of genetic testing, and powerful new analytics and AI tools available, the dream of personalized medicine is quickly becoming reality.

Fight fraud, waste, and abuse

Fighting fraud, waste, and abuse is not easy in an industry as complex as healthcare. Both intentional and unintentional billing errors as well as deliberate acts of fraud that target Medicare and Medicaid can end up costing insurers money. However, AI and machine learning can uncover abnormal patterns and proactively guard against potential exploits.

Healthcare-specific ERP

Analytics can help healthcare companies avoid costly and preventable readmissions. A risk-score model driven by machine learning can analyze many variables pulled from the EHR and other patient outcomes to predict readmissions. Results from these models can provide early warning signs to doctors and nurses who can immediately administer treatment protocols.

30x faster

than just 10 years ago, and 99% achieved accuracy in mammogram readings using state-of-the-art technology

No longer science fiction, AI and robotics are transforming healthcare. “No Longer Science Fiction, AI and Robotics Are Transforming Healthcare”

“I was absolutely thrilled to work (again) with the Product Perfect custom development group. I highly recommend their tech teams.”

Marshall Cook, Chief Executive Officer at BalanceGenics


Case Study

Migration of desktop app to web for Pharma brokerage

Learn how Product Perfect migrated a flagship Windows desktop application to a modern web app for a pharmaceutical benefits brokerage firm in Southern California.

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Health-tech platforms & software

  • Halemind Inc

  • Meditab

  • Cerner Corporation.

  • athenahealth

  • eClinicalWorks

  • Allscripts Healthcare, LLC


  • Epic Systems Corporation

  • NXGN Management, LLC

  • athenahealth, Inc

  • CureMD Healthcare

  • iPatientCare LLC

  • CareCloud, Inc

  • Practice Fusion, Inc

  • Infor-Med Inc

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