Compliance in the cloud

Ensures that an organization is meeting compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements

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Compliance coverage

Our seasoned technology practice leaders and teams have worked with multiple layers and levels of government and high-compliance clients for decades.

Automated Regulatory Checks

Awareness drives compliance, and automating your checks for the latest CISA and security-based bills, laws, and federal regulations involving data flow can de-risk and almost guarantee compliance upkeep.

Expert Advice and Insight

Clarify and understand regulatory bodies and its application to the organization’s security overhead, with insightful explanations, advice, and assistance when integrating security models into network architecture.

Enriched Consulting Solutions

Detailed roadmaps and advisory goals to establish potential need of regulatory requirements.

Hands-On Certification Training

Enable new certification standards with powerful intervention tools and programs, renovating workforce and management with critical knowledge.

Enabling compliance integrity

Properly integrate compliance policies and regulatory standards into an enterprise’s architecture.

Development of risk analysis plans

Thorough insight-driven assessment of an enterprise’s infrastructure layer allows for the creation of long-term risk analysis, enabling better understanding internal-facing threat variables for maximum regulatory compliance.

Buildout teams with integrated advice

Constructing powerful teams with expert advice for both regulatory checks, compliance goals, and security-fault identification. Allows for thorough threat reports and routine audits to translate into actionable security goals.

Foundational policies

Introduce policies such as zero-trust into network and security architecture, developing a critically aware culture while taking advantage of CISA guidelines and sanitized cybersecurity practices.

Regulatory standards and codes

Remain agile with appropriate configuration of regulatory standards for the enterprise layer. Modify and introduce policies with new federal requirements with agility.

$270 Billion

Industry spend on compliance annually is $270 billion

"A Smarter Way to Face Risk.” Accenture

How Financial Institutions are Grappling with Compliance in the Modern Cloud Compute Era

Michael Gertsner, Sr. Consultant, Product Perfect, discusses how financial institutions are grappling with compliance in the modern cloud compute era.

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Regulatory codes and standards

Executive decisions require confidence, assuring not only a healthy capital model, but one aligning with established and new cybersecurity standards. Today’s changing digital ecosystem translates to new, versatile codes created at the federal level. Organizations must remain in step with these changes to maintain brand power and avoid regulatory hurdles and penalties. Enterprise models all operate within different service frameworks, and for each service layer, certain compliance requirements apply. Regulatory standards and protocols include:

SSH (Secure Socket Shell)

Cryptographic protocol for network frameworks and services.

HIPAA Security Rule

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is critical to enterprise architecture handling medical and patient data.


International security standard and certification necessity.

NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Voluntary guidelines to build secure IT architecture from its foundation.

NIST IR 7966 on SSH Keys

Additional cybersecurity standards regarding security key management for administrators.

NIST SP 800-53 / FISMA Law

The Federal Information Security Management Act establishes must-follow guidelines for federal networks to establish agency-wide security protocols for federal data.

PCI DSS Compliance

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requires any and all enterprise vendors to safely secure and protect consumer credit card data.

Sarbanes-Oxley Act

United States based law which prevents fraudulent and financial investing reports.


The General Data Protection Regulation is an EU based regulatory law which encompasses all protective measures for data and information within the EU.

SSH (Secure Socket Shell)

Part of a trio regulatory agreements, providing frameworks for banks to deploy security architecture for relevant financial data.

Full cybersecurity consulting services

7 areas of coverage for any size of organization.


We work with our clients to assess, reverse-engineer, evaluate, and reform enterprise applications to be cyber-aware, and to adhere to long-standing and widely accepted security practices.

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App Security

We work with our clients to assess, reverse-engineer, evaluate, and reform enterprise applications to be cyber-aware, and to adhere to long-standing and widely accepted security practices.

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Data Security

We situate and engage with client data executives and engineers to establish internal security culture combined with fully realized security architectures.

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Cloud & Infrastructure Security

Companies rely on frictionless, agile, scalable, and cost-effective security in the cloud. This allows for easy endpoint management and proactive security models to exist throughout their organization.

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Manage and mitigate regulatory risk by assuring total compliance with all bodies of cybersecurity law, guaranteeing hassle-free operations, and detailed lists of applicable regulation standards.

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Attack Resiliency

Empowering security teams to apply thorough risk assessment drills for each network layer combined with comprehensive management resolution models.

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Threat Intelligence

Help for developing automated tools and context-sensitive data-built solutions to create digestible, actionable reports for critical executive decisions to reduce threat risk.

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