The modern legal software landscape

Our architects have been building legal software and supporting legal technology solutions since 2007.

Robust DevOps CI/CD pipeline for legal industry client

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A well-rounded legal technology services offering

Our experience in legal software and legal automation has helped many of our clients move to the new plateaus in their technical offerings.


The modern legal software tools in today's market allow our clients to review vast amounts of case-related documents at a fraction of the time or cost it previously took to preserve, collect, review, and exchange case-related material between lawyers. E-Discovery simplifies document exchange between parties during litigation. E-Discovery’s analytics capabilities streamline searching while eliminating the need for lawyers, paralegals, or clerks. Manually reviewing and comb through documents can often be more inaccurate than the objectiveness and efficiency of software automation tools.

Artificial Intelligence

AI can help legal practices in a multitude of ways; these include due diligence activities, legal outcome prediction, document automation, legal analytics, IP analysis, and electronic billing. AI tools can assist litigators uncover background information and other due diligence requirements. AI prediction technology forecasts litigation outcomes using past case law, win/lose rates, and a judge’s history. Document automation can fill out documents based on data input and AI tools can analyze large intellectual property portfolios and provide recommendations from them.

Create, review, negotiate, and remediate

Accelerate contract negotiations by utilizing machine learning and natural language processing to extract relevant textual data from legal contracts and other important documents. By analyzing contracts in seconds rather than in days, legal teams can fast-track the process of negotiating and closing contracts, saving considerable time, energy, and money.

"We were thoroughly impressed with the enormous impact that Product Perfect had on our pharma brokerage processing systems."

Richard Bridges, Chief Insurance Officer, PRAM Insurance Services

Supporting industry-leading legal platforms

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Automate legal expertise

Helping clients perform to their optimal capabilities in the legal software automation space.

Language Analytics

Machine learning uses language analytics to pinpoint precise key phrases that might be beneficial to a pending legal opinion. Using a judge’s own words in case strategy makes a powerful statement about the worthiness of an argument.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA attempts to automate away data gathering, data cleansing, data manipulation, error alerting, response triggering, and model building. RPA reduces the burden on lawyers, paralegals, and assistants of simple, mindless, and repetitive tasks, freeing them up to handle more creative and higher value tasks. Documents required by clients or regulatory authorities can easily be delivered with RPA processes.

Litigation Automation

AI can help legal professionals tackle routine litigation tasks by dynamically creating discovery requests, responsive pleadings, and related documents tailored to specific claims, allegations, and requests. The routine can be automated and personalized according to one’s preferences.

Expertise Automation

Drafting a will can be a laborious process—why not automate it?  Expertise automation allows companies to give their employees access to the answers to common questions in a specific area of law. Expertise automation can help with drafting, researching, and even assisting individuals in a specific litigation context.

Legal Automation Redevelopment

Learn how Product Perfect helped an industry-leading legal automation firm redevelop its critical returns processing system.

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Legal Processing Modern Web App

Learn how Product Perfect helped a legal automation processing firm build a modern front-end web application for its attorney clients.

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CI/CD DevOps Implementation

Learn how Product Perfect helped a leading legal technology company implement a brand-new continuous integration / continuous deployment (ci/cd) system for all its tech teams to leverage.

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