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Whitepaper: DevOps Team Formulation, Calibration, and Budgeting

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DevOps at a glance

DevOps combines the characteristics of software development and IT operations as a specific subset of talent and expertise. The symbiotic relationship that exists between these two disciplines, when properly integrated, produces a more efficient and massively effective outcome.

The agility and responsiveness that results from the integration of development and operational processes offers a high return on investment for engineering and developer teams.

Recommended elements of an elegant DevOps approach


Process improvement begins with a collaborative effort. Combining the best practices of software development  with the efficient processes of IT operations, organizations can produce a continuous workflow. Benefits associated with having a continuous workflow include transparency, responsiveness, cost savings, and accountability.


A key component of DevOps is the development of an automated process that incorporates common methodologies. The alignment of these commonalities provides a system of automation that drives efficiency. Efficiency is a hallmark of organizational effectiveness. Leveraging automation leads to high performance.


Code integration is critical to the success of the merger between development and operations. When coding is effectively placed in a repository, it allows for a more efficient entry and re-entry into the marketplace. DevOps processes provide an opportunity to maximize resources and reduce unnecessary time consumption by integrating testing and deployment activities.

Continuous Delivery

Like automation and integration, delivery is the process whereby code is moved through the change portal speedily. Both continuous delivery and continuous deployment are necessary. Frequent deployment provides an opportunity to avoid systematic failures that surface when the process is stalled.


To deliver high-quality software design, testing is crucial to the process. The DevOps pipeline is filtered by the testing components that ensure quality management. The effective use of metrics is an invaluable step. Testing gives the organization an opportunity to see the potential impact of changes that are made to software design packages. Some key metrics include pass/fail identification, the identification of system bugs, fail ratios that include fail frequency, and time accountability.


The collaborative effort that exists in DevOps is most efficient when the supervising engineers maintain a culture of continuous improvement, effective communication, and quality design management. The supervisors drive the collaborative culture in organizational management.

Software development and infrastructure management services.

Product Perfect offers technology consulting services in software development and infrastructure management, specializing in DevOps, Agile methodologies, test automation, release management, containerization, and cloud performance optimization.

We come alongside organizations to improve their software development and infrastructure management processes by implementing continuous integration, delivery, and deployment practices, promoting DevOps and Agile methodologies, and assisting with infrastructure automation and testing to ensure quality software delivery. We help optimize release management and deployment pipelines using a variety of tools and techniques, including containerization and microservices architectures. We also help clients set up their own monitoring systems and dashboards for observability, logging, and performance oversight.

"Building out a complete DevOps ci/cd pipeline can literally transform a development team into a powerhouse."

Russ Langel, Enterprise Cloud Architect, Product Perfect

"The work Product Perfect completed with automating some of our delivery systems has streamlined the flow of getting software features out to our users."

Marshall Cook, CEO, BalanceGenics

"We've rolled out deeply complex and fully automated ci/cd DevOps pipelines for clients in nearly every engagement I have been involved in."

Alan Katawazi, Senior Consultant, Product Perfect

Case Study

Robust DevOps CI/CD pipeline for legal industry client

Learn how Product Perfect helped a leading legal processing company implement a robust DevOps ci/cd pipeline for builds and releases.

30% Increase

Participants who work in DevOps teams have increased since we began our study, reporting 16% in 2014, 19% in 2015, 22% in 2016, and holding steady around 27% for the past three years. (Note this is within the margin of error.)

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