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Strategies for Financial, Tax, and Mortgage Software Systems

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Benefits of investing in modern platforms

We've worked with clients to discover the very real benefits of fintech stack modernization and how they can quantify, plan, and execute against those models. The benefits of the investment are easily seen and well understood.

Quantifiable Benefits

For every 100 loans processed, there are 10 that contain at least one human error. Software focusing on automation helps reduce or eliminate that ratio.

Intangible Benefits

Companies can achieve a level of customer service that is highly personalized. With real time data distribution, staff can respond  to the needs of the customer in a timely and accurate manner.


Efficiency is a hallmark of organizational success. Organizations reach that plateau by utilizing the latest in technological advances while employing tools that help maintain low error rates and encourage high productivity rates.

Desirable Outcomes

Record-low defaults, record-high payoffs, and above-industry standards in customer care–those are the pillars upon which many software solutions stand.

Working on industry-leading fintech cloud platforms

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Tools for the Enterprise

Loan Origination Software

In 2021 the purchased-loan-origination market topped $470 billion dollars. It is imperative that companies leverage modern and reliable loan origination software especially considering shifting preferences of the consumer. Online consumer home loan applications make up nearly two-thirds of all home loan applications. Appropriate loan origination tools can also further help organizations manage cash and liquidity balances.

Loan Management Software

The focus of this process is to increase automation, reduce human errors, and improve ease of use. Loan managing software data analysis and integration capabilities dwarfs those of legacy systems like Excel. They can provide visualized and highly contextualized insights, following loan trends between end-users.

Risk Management Software

Get access to real time data and make data driven decisions with a robust risk management software package. This software focuses on reducing non-systematic risks, such as credit and default risk, while proactively mitigating exposure to cybersecurity threats.

Asset Management Software

Being able to make informed decisions is predicated upon being able to keep track of all organizational assets. Consistently changing reporting requirements place a substantial amount of pressure on organizations to properly classify, account for, and appropriately depreciate assets. Asset management software is a great tool to aid in these tasks.

Regulatory Software

Can staff memorize the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)? Probably not. Tools that provide the needed assistance to keep up with all the regulations are paramount to organizational success. Consider solutions that help staff respond to, understand, and apply all the compliance requirements within the industry.

Delivering customized solutions for diverse business needs.

Providing software engineering, data analysis, cybersecurity, and project management services for businesses seeking customized solutions.

We are experts in software architecture, quality assurance, software testing, DevOps, and agile methodologies, as well as data analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, enabling us to provide valuable insights from our clients' data. With our emphasis on information security and cybersecurity, our team ensures that our client's systems and data are protected.

Our project management and team collaboration skills, along with our client management and stakeholder engagement expertise, allow us to provide customized solutions that meet our clients' specific needs, whether it's product development, application integration, or technology consulting.

The evolution of the mortgage and banking industry as technology platforms shift

Michael Gertsner, Sr. Consultant, Product Perfect, talks about the evolution of the mortgage and banking industry as technology platforms shift.

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Whitepaper: Strategies for Financial, Tax, and Mortgage Software Systems

Deep-dive into the various different subtle and strategic strategies that many organizations are employing for building tax, mortgage, and banking systems.

Platforms & software serving the mortgage / banking industry

Loan Servicing

  • Crowdsofts

  • The mortgage Office

  • SimpleNexus Mortgaging Platform

Database Management

  • Qualia

  • FileInvite

  • TurnKey Lender


  • Surefire CRM

  • BNTouch Mortgage CRM

  • LendingWise

  • Total Expert

Cloud-based Solutions

  • Bryt

  • Construction Loan Management

  • Plaid

  • Floify

  • LendingPad

  • AutoCloud Enterprise


of mortgage lenders believe that by digitizing and AI-optimizing lending processes, lenders can maintain strong operational efficiencies, score loan applications accurately, and grant credits fast and easily.


“More than ever, banks and insurers need to de-silo their critical information structures to. . . see further investment in the applications of AI”

Helen Sutton, SVP EMEA and APAC sales, Dataminr

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