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Data estates: the urban sprawl of the data world

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Actionable data intelligence

Helping clients discover the value of their existing data and database footprints across their entire organization.

Data governance prevents the misuse of data

Companies know that improper data handling carries huge liabilities and risks for their stakeholders. Proper governance guarantees that data is honest and not misused.

Understand patterns and trends with data discovery

Capture and understand data through discovery engagements, bringing clarity, transparency, and accessibility to a company’s data assets.

Leverage smart technologies with data enrichment techniques

Today’s data platforms leverage smart technologies like pattern recognition, data cataloging, data lineage, and machine learning to organize data at scale, enabling organization-wide data collaboration.

Remedy innaccurate models with data cleansing tools

Data cleansing tools can remedy inaccurate models. Companies can use these tools and the consulting services around them to ensure all six dimensions of data quality are met—accuracy, completeness, consistency, timeliness, uniqueness, and validity.

Data refactoring improves code design

Fast-moving and highly complex IT environments sometimes require methodical and disciplined restructuring. Our data refactoring improves code design – nothing more and nothing less.

Data migration is a complicated but necessary process

Whether overhauling a system, upgrading a database, or building a new EDW, data migration is a complicated but necessary process. When eliminating data silos, moving to the cloud, or embarking on a legacy modernization, our team can run alongside and offer tremendous value.

Data integration helps companies collaborate with other agencies

Unify a company’s disparate data or rework the points of integration between data applications. Data integration engagement work helps companies collaborate both internal and external organizations, such as suppliers, business partners, and/or governmental agencies.

Comprehensive database services

We specialize in designing, developing, securing, and managing databases, providing tailored solutions to effectively store, manage, and utilize your mission-critical and sensitive data.

Product Perfect provides comprehensive data management services to help clients design, create, store, manage, and best utilize their data efficiently. Our team offers database design, architecture, development, administration, data warehousing, migration, integration, ETL, and performance tuning, with a range of expertise. Our focus includes database security, backup and recovery, and cloud databases, and our team has expertise in SQL, PL/SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, and Cassandra, to ensure we provide tailored solutions to meet each client's unique data management needs.

Partnering with industry-leading database platforms

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"The database development work that Product Perfect provided to our tech teams was extensive, detailed, and extremely high-quality. We gained enormous efficiencies, and the business value was tremendous.”

Katie Schmidt, Sr. Database Engineer

Data maturity model development

A data maturity model is a methodology companies employ to build a compliant, democratized, and reliable way to manage and handle data.

  • Data protection strategy
  • Common data understanding
  • Improved data quality
  • Increased collaboration: subscribers and producers
  • Protocols, contracts, and address libraries
  • Consistent government regulations compliance
  • Data accessibility
  • Simplified data masking to increase privacy and security

A strategic data footprint

Senior Technology Consultant, Shawn Livermore, explains the far-reaching impact of a strategically authored data footprint.

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Platforms & software

Database mangement

  • Casandra

  • Couch DB

  • IBM DB2

  • MariaDB

  • MongoDB

Database Management

  • MySQL

  • Neo4j

  • Oracle

  • Redis


ELT Data Tools

  • Informatica

  • Workato

  • Census

  • Skyvia

  • Dataddo

ELT Data Tools

  • Singluar

  • Tray

  • Keboola

  • Qlik Replicate

  • Matillion

Full suite of data & database services

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