Our Mission

To awaken the potential of well-designed software

Helping clients realize their full potential through key technology decisions.

“To awaken the potential of well-designed software”

Unpacking the mission in real-world consultative models.

Unlocking Architectural Decisions

Our architectural thesis and basis for engagement allows our teams to challenge and extract existing architectural situations to reveal what can be done. Client architectures are typically subject to change but struggle to realize that change without outside involvement.

Forecasting Technology Models

Our teams of financial and technology experts work in parity with client expertise to formulate tangible financial models. These models can expel incorrect assumptions and illuminate paths forward.

Bridging Material Gaps

We bring a multi-vector approach to analysis, along with line-of-business and industry-specific vertical technical expertise to tie-together the chasms found in client infrastructure and application footprints.

Changing Existing Paradigms

Paradigm recognition often leads to paradigm adjustment. Our teams are calibrated toward identifying and shifting these paradigms.

Intercepting Established Cultural Barriers

Invoking change via thoughtful and accurate analysis is a hallmark of our offering. This change often pushes the known paradigms of client culture and client belief.

Our specializations

Helping clients build robust and beautiful enterprise software.

Software Product Design

Beautiful software doesn't just happen. Our team of product design consultants and software architects work in tandem with client stakeholders to shape and rework your flagship software products.


We redevelop, rewrite, convert, or wrap desktop, web, and legacy software for organizations across the United States, Canada, and Europe.


Product Perfect specializes in conducting meaningful, robust assessments in architecture, application topology, and potential software modernizations.

Core Values

Our practice promotes and upholds these core values across all locations and business relationships.


Crafting excellence for our clients in our communication and execution.


Procuring and developing seasoned, capable, mature, and experienced consultants.


Fostering growth within our ranks both personally and professionally.


Our clients’ objectives and priorities must come first, extending across all decisions and directives.


Holding an uncompromising ethical approach to work, life, and mission.

Practice leaders

US-based practice leaders, each with 20-30 years in their respective industries.

Shawn Livermore

Best-selling author, founder

Leading the technical assessments practice, Shawn is best-selling author and senior technology consultant.

Alan Katawazi

Government software, practice leader

Leading our government software practice, Alan Katawazi is a software architect and international bestselling author in software development non-fiction.

Chad Collins

Aerospace software, practice leader

Chad leads our aerospace practice, with deep experience from his time at Boeing and NASA, working on the Space Shuttle and International Space Station.

Michael Gerstner

Finance, practice leader

Leading the financial analysis practice, Michael offers mortgage, banking, and tax processing experience with industry leaders like Mr. Cooper, Core Logic, and Bank of America.

Jeff Sherwood

Product design, practice leader

Jeff leads the software product design practice, with cross-industry experience across multiple disciplines.

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