Big pharma requires big data

Big data is poised to transform drug discovery and trials

Learn how Product Perfect migrated a flagship Windows desktop application to a modern web app for a pharmaceutical benefits brokerage firm in Southern California.

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Pharma's moment: unleashing new technologies on drug discovery and drug production

From drug inception to clinical trials to manufacturing and supply chain optimization, the pharmaceutical industry is seeing a wave of new artificial intelligence and optimization automation software transform legacy systems. It's making waves and delivering powerful bottom-line results.

Knowledge Discovery

Accelerate drug discovery by analyzing massive datasets. Reveal patterns that substantially improve the accuracy of predictions on the efficacy and safety of drugs.

Manufacturing & Supply Chain Optimization

Automate and centralize warehousing, logistics, and transportation data to proactively optimize a supply chain. Add preventive asset maintenance tools to guarantee smooth drug production delivery along a fully optimized operation.

Operations & Compliance

Remain steps ahead of government compliance and regulation by implementing a quality management system to effectively document processes and work instructions that are easily understood and executed.

Drug Discovery; Powered by AI

In previous decades, the drug discovery process has been subject to multi-year drug trials that are subject to FDA regulatory hurdles. These procedural models are manual, require enormous blocks of time, and have led to drug startups fizzling out before ever having a chance at a drug coming to market. But artificial intelligence has moved the needle. Some companies have been able to shorten the drug test lifecycle by 20 to 30 percent and the government agencies are taking notice.

Transforming legacy systems for pharmaceutical clients.

Transforming pharmaceutical systems with expert analysis, modern technology, and effective electronic data capture solutions to ensure regulatory compliance and enhance user experience.

Our team provides comprehensive services for pharmaceutical clients, with a focus on modernizing legacy systems and implementing efficient software solutions through cloud computing and data analytics. We prioritize quality control, regulatory compliance, and user experience, and offer support in change and project management to ensure successful outcomes.

“Product Perfect quite literally saved our company. They recovered our data, rearchitected and rebuilt our flagship product, and recalibrated our ongoing technical teams for success.”

Richard Bridges, Chief Insurance Officer at
PRAM Insurance

Case Study

Migration of desktop app to web for Pharma brokerage

Learn how Product Perfect migrated a flagship Windows desktop application to a modern web app for a pharmaceutical benefits brokerage firm in Southern California.

Download the Case Study

Download the Case Study

"I’ve leveraged Product Perfect in multiple engagements over the last ten years. They have a trusted network of diverse talent and operate with integrity -- highly recommended."

Steve Orgill, Chief Technology Officer, LERETA

"Bringing product perfect in to help us refine our software applications was one of the best decisions we ever made as a company."

Marshall Cook, CEO, BalanceGenics

"Product Perfect's implementation teams are, without exception, the best designers and developers we've ever worked with."

Audrey Bridges, Treasurer, Bloom Benefits Association

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