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Augmented Reality use cases by industry

Depending on the industry or service, AR’s deployment will center around either the training of employees, configuration of systems, performance of actual duties, or simply the enhancement of a user’s existing experience.

Automotive Use Case

Porsche uses AR glasses that allows technicians to get remote guidance and assistance from experts

Manufacturing Use Cases

Boeing utilizes AR technology to enable technicians to instructions for airplane wiring schematics when working in the field.

Logistics Use Cases

DHL uses an AR app for truck drivers to help them identify the package upon delivery ultimately reducing package search times.

Retail Use Case

ASOS, an online fashion retailer uses an AR feature named Virtual Catwalk, designed to enhance the online customer experience. The AR feature called 'See My Fit' allows shoppers to view how an apparel fits them in a realistic-looking setting.

Working on industry-leading VR/AR platforms

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of organizations that implemented large-scale AR/VR found that they had over 10% operational benefits. AR/VR initiatives increase workflow efficiency, productivity, complexity reduction, and customer satisfaction.

Cohen, Lanny, et al. "Augmented and Virtual Reality in Operations". Capgemini Research Institute. 2018

AR development on the user's existing devices

Aside from bulky headsets, an AR/VR immersive mobile web or native mobile application can provide 3D walk-throughs for customers to further enhance their understanding of products or services. The end-user's terminal devices and the composition of the underlying hardware and software components are the arms-reach starting point for consumers. It's garnered enough attention and interest from consumers and corporate customers to warrant a "first step of faith" for many hardware manufacturers, and the software providers are taking notice.


AR can be built by using personal devices like smartphones as a first step, bridging the gap to smart glasses/goggles, (Microsoft HoloLens or anticipated products from Google and Apple). The starting point of the iPhone / Android device can span the knowledge and comfort gap for early adopter consumers.


AR visualization software, AR SDK, AR content management system, AR editor software, AR training simulator software, AR game engine software. Special software (Unity, Unreal, etc.) is essential for AR development suitable for different platforms such web, smartphones, etc.  A few AR SDKs include ARkit, Vuforia, and ARCore.  The selection of SDKs depends on the supported platforms, cost, tracking support, and image recognition.

Hardware & AI Platforms

Hardware components for AR include input devices, sensors (location sensing, motion tracking), processors, and display screens (visualization).AR 3D viewers enable 3D and AR product visualization suitable for mobile and web-based platforms.

Associated Apps

Location-based apps are required to project AR objects atop the physical ones. Similarly, marker-based apps with image recognition are essential to project digital data on the marker's position.

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