Creating today’s strategy to achieve tomorrow’s enterprise

Helping clients formulate and execute multi-year modernization strategies

Learn how Product Perfect helped a large real estate data firm assess its IT footprint to plan a multi-year modernization effort.

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Modernizing applications of all types

Redeveloping, rewriting, converting, and rearranging desktop, web, and legacy systems for clients across the United States.

Mainframe Software

Working with clients to rework, reformulate, convert, and rewrite their COBOL, Natural, Assembly, and all other mainframe software.

Legacy Desktop Software

Collaboratively exploring options and putting together tactical plans for the full recreation or replacement of Commercial Off the Shelf software and custom-built, client-server architecture desktop applications.

Web Redevelopment

Rewriting existing legacy websites into modern single-page web applications or traditional web applications.

Elements of a Successful Modernization Strategy

Each modernization effort is unique, but most involve key replicable elements

Executive Alignment

Cohesive alignment between operations, development, and executive management is critical for stakeholder consensus prior to the engagement.


A multi-month discovery process will typically reveal a litany of operational and integration gaps that feed into the migration project planning effort.

Architectural Strategy

Involving technology architects early and charting out the target state as crisply as possible is usually the best and most effective use of consultative involvement in multi-year modernization initiatives.

Collaboration Within Formulation

Successful modernization formulation requires collaboration across senior management, operations management, and technical management to compose a strategy for process and execution across systems and departments.

Present State Assessment

We typically guide the implementation team toward a comprehensive application portfolio assessment to identify and prioritize modernization targets. This allows scope narrowing and a specific sequence of change. Product Perfect helps organizations put together their As-Is enterprise architecture and application topology diagrams to showcase their systems prior to modernization and help chart the various possible paths forward.

Future State Formulation

Modernization is about moving away from legacy systems and solutions and toward innovative, automated solutions that improve productivity, serve customers better, and increase overall shareholder value. Product Perfect helps clients put together large-scale, comprehensive, and often, complex business future state planning materials and diagrams that usher in logistical and tactical change.

Sample modernization deliverables

Download and review sample deliverables from a given modernization engagement.

Application Topology Diagrams

These comprehensive and intricate topology diagrams help to capture the specific and far-reaching integrations within all applications in the enterprise. Clients may look at the entire picture, or choose to limit the purview to a specific subset of applications and databases.

Preview Deliverable Samples

Web Service Integrations

These diagrams showcase how and where webservices are called and the underlying data flowing through apps and databases. Clients may opt to see the big picture view or narrowly scope the visualization down to just specific applications.

Preview Deliverable Samples

Data-Flow Diagram

A comprehensive visual diagram depicting the detailed flow of actual production data through all primary systems, apps, and databases. This often serves as a central discussion artifact for teams to rally around and helps plan modernization, centralization, or rationalization work.

Preview Deliverable Samples

Database Integration Topology

All integration points across all data stores and databases in the IT footprint.

Preview Deliverable Samples

Dependency Diagrams

Application & project milestone dependencies visualized, showing relational and logical flows. Though project plans cover the vast majority of these types of timelines, showing dependencies in a visual, linked manner can reveal new and uncertain outcomes, helping managers avoid dramatic losses and ensure higher statistical likelihood of on-time deliveries.

Preview Deliverable Samples

"Working with the Product Perfect developers and architect on this mailing systems redevelopment project was an educational and rewarding experience."

Katie Schmidt, Senior Database Architect

"What Product Perfect was able to accomplish in redeveloping our mailing systems logic was absolutely amazing."

Scott DeLong, Executive Team, Confidential Client

"Each rework and redevelopment project has its own particular flavor and nuance."

Chad Collins, Senior Consultant, Product Perfect

Modernization and the psychological barriers for C-level executives

Senior Technology Consultant, Shawn Livermore, speaks to the psychological barriers IT executives often experience when facing daunting modernization initiatives.

Read the interview

Helping clients formulate a organized model for modernization

Even the process of stepping forward to approach a modernization project can be daunting and paralyzing for IT teams and executive leadership. A model is needed to bring the right parties together and formulate the starting point strategic framework.

To explain the model, Methodology Designation allows concerted effort to align under a common canopy of process.

Architectural Strategy brings necessary expertise into the creative process for developers and product designers.

Operations & Product Input engages product teams early for accuracy to true business processes.

Modernization Model Formulation (the center of the model) determines the actual approach taken; breaks-down the work over phases.

Budget Constraints keep the project within the guardrails from the outset.

Project and Program Calibration positions the project management office to drive the overall set of projects.

Timeline Horizon couches the effort within given months or years based on compliance or executive sponsor expectation.

Sample software product design deliverables

Review actual screen mockups of software product design implementations by Sr. Product Design Consultants at Product Perfect

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