We’re a software consulting transformation firm

Helping companies around the world transform applications into modern software experiences.

To awaken the potential of well-designed software

The mission of Product Perfect, a technology consulting firm.


To improve the lives of our clients and their constituents, by modernizing and redeveloping their flagship software applications.


To create meaningful and transformational software products.


To expand the capabilities and profitability of our clients through transformational software development & integration engagements.

A strategic data footprint

Senior Technology Consultant, Shawn Livermore, explains the far-reaching impact of a strategically authored data footprint.

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Technology engagements that empower our clients

We typically bolster our clients teams with resources and projects that renovate, migrate, integrate, or modernize existing and legacy flagship applications.

Legacy / Mainframe Modernization

Working with mid-sized and large organizations to transform and rework their line-of-business legacy applications that are typically running languages like COBOL, Natural, C++, Assembly, and similar. These legacy applications often impose a substantial burden on both the headcount of the IT group, as well as the complexity of integrations with other databases and applications.

Desktop & Utility Redevelopment

Our implementation teams will engage and renovate, rewrite, migrate, or supplant any Windows or Mac based desktop applications. Languages like C++, C#, Visual Basic, .NET, Python, Java, or similar are used, in collaboration with the preferences of the client.

Web Apps & Websites Development

Whether it’s modern web SPA apps (single-page-applications), JavaScript-based web apps, or any other type of web applications, our dev teams provide full-service analysis, design, development, deployment, release, and support for it all. Learn more about our development processes, and the onsite analysis engagements that often lead to app redevelopment projects.

Technology Assessment Engagements

Our teams of analysts, architects, and developers commonly engage on assessment projects that deliver comprehensive materials packages. These often include wall-sized diagrams, flowcharts, and specification documentation that can jumpstart a development effort.


We commonly piece-together integration software with our clients' applications to further equip, enable, and streamline their core business operations. These integration projects provide much-needed relief from complex business processes and manual steps.

Strategic Migration Planning

Our analysts and architects team-up with key client subject matter experts to compose multi-year, multi-million dollar software migration plans. These plans take the shape of slide decks, project plans, and requirements specifications to set the stage for budget planning and financial forecasting exercises.

Technology consulting for the modern era

From fintech transaction processing applications to multi-year mainframe modernization efforts, we're a full-service software consulting firm.

"Our goal has been to awaken the potential of a well-designed software product. We continue to do that every day with our clients."

Shawn Livermore, Senior Consultant, Product Perfect

"The organization as a whole is calibrated to improve the lives of our clients' users. One client at a time. One application at a time. "

Alan Katawazi, Senior Consultant, Product Perfect

"Our team is focused on large businesses with complex challenges, willing to take a step forward toward modernization."

Chad Collins, Senior Consultant, Product Perfect

"I’ve leveraged Product Perfect in multiple engagements over the last ten years. They operate with integrity -- highly recommended."

Steve Orgill, Chief Technology Officer, LERETA

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