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Whitepaper: How to Calibrate and Introduce RPA as a New Capability in Your Organization

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Workplace automation opportunities are everywhere

Automation solutions are becoming a staple of IT investment. Use cases range widely–from increasing customer satisfaction to liberating employees of dull, mindless tasks. Companies that fit automation into their processes cut costs and free up their human capital.


The next step in the evolution of system operations intelligence. AIOps uses machine learning to uncover problems before they arise, turning your systems into optimized, self-healing centers of excellence.


Optimize customer interactions by predictive textual communication, pro-active customer engagement, and adaptive customer dialogue. Automate the core and supplemental interactions with customers using the latest and greatest automation tools.


Reduce the burden of simple, mindless, and repetitive tasks. Free employees up to let them focus on higher value tasks.

Industry-standard automation platforms

Full suite of automation services

Automation can completely transform an information technology application footprint, shifting-left to reduce developer loads, rework complex business processes into simpler ones, and eliminate many projects altogether.


Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) helps make sense of the potentially overwhelming volume of data modern IT administrators handle. AIOps aggregates and analyzes growing streams of data, proactively fixes what it can, correlates related events across an enterprise, and surfaces actionable summaries and critical events. IT staff can then intervene accordingly.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows knowledge workers to automate and inject intelligence into existing manual or cumbersome processes. RPA mimics selected IT tasks and automates away portions of a business’ operational burden. Once the ‘bots’ are built, tested, and deployed, organizations can look to reposition and redeploy the saved capital.

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Hyperautomation offers real-time intelligence about an organization’s IT systems. Hyperautomation allows companies to cut down on manual redundant back-office tasks, error check, and streamline system processes. Knowledge workers can then be aligned to focus on the priorities of the enterprise.

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As a centerpiece of popular Artificial Intelligence, chatbots simulate human engagement by interpreting a customer’s questions and completing a sequence of tasks. NLP has added a complexity to chatbots that allow them to seamlessly act as customer service agents, virtual assistants, and payment processors.

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Scripted Systems

Scripted systems are created utilizing specific scripting languages. These scripted systems are then used within an application, typically a shell for process automation such as phone application updates, server updates, website updates, and data management. Predetermined scripts and shells built to develop, test, and debug software and computer programs ensure limited human error and security.

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Whitepaper: How to Calibrate and Introduce RPA as a New Capability in Your Organization

How to Calibrate and Introduce RPA as a New Capability in Your Organization

"We've build in-depth and complex automation systems with tier-1 automation software for some of the largest fintech firms in the country in their category."

Jignesh Shah, Sr. Automation Consultant, Product Perfect

"The complexity of automation logic that they completely redeveloped was by far the most substantial refactoring our codebase has seen in years."

Eddie Batista, VP of Software Development

"When it comes to automation and system engineering, Product Perfect's senior consultants are by far some of the best out there."

Katie Schmidt, Senior Database Architect

The benefits of a automation in your enterprise

Automation projects can breathe new life into systems and processes that have not been touched in years.


  • Learns and logs a company’s IT day-to-day operations
  • Differentiates between alerts requiring immediate attention and unimportant ones
  • Alerts necessary parties about unresolved issues
  • Baselines an IT estate in both slow and busy times, capturing relationships between volume drivers and resource utilization
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  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces operating and labor costs
  • Dramatically saves on manual tasks
  • Speeds-up and optimizes task execution
  • Allows for redeployment of human capital
  • Expedites compliance checks and validations
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  • Offers real-time intelligence beyond noise reduction, error detection, and root cause analysis
  • Proactively fixes problems expected to arise
  • Catches and reduces manual input errors
  • NLP added machine intelligence cuts down on redundant back-office tasks
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  • Can instantly answer customer questions, comments, and complaints
  • Drive customer engagement
  • Improve up-selling and cross-selling and understand and act on customer sentiment
  • Create one-to-one marketing channels for customers
  • Provide virtual assistants for shoppers
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Businesses piloted automating one or more business functions

2022 Georgiou, Michael. “30+ Statistics That Prove Why Companies Need to Embrace Business Automation in 2022.”

“Organizations that use RPA for accounts payables processing can invoice twice as fast and 40% cheaper.”

Michael Caton
IT Research Analyst

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