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Scalable intelligence solutions

Product Perfect partners closely with companies of all sizes who are looking to build data management or business analytics solutions.

Contextualized Insight

Low-code and no-code automation workflows augment data storytelling capabilities. This expands analytics beyond simply just data visualization but sets up  dashboards filled with enriched contextualized insight.

Data Democratization

Interaction methods like Natural language query (NLQ) and natural language generation (NLG) increases data democratization throughout an organization, allowing data to reach all important decisions-makers.

Cloud-based analytics

Building, deploying, and managing data visualization applications in the cloud increases the types and volumes of data available to visualize. Cloud computing provides nearly unlimited storage and scaling with unmatched parrellel processing speed.

Building and scaling data and business intelligence solutions

Our team of seasoned database and business intelligence technology professionals has been creating durable and scalable analytics solutions for clients in numerous industries. The types of solutions varies widely but often fits into the following key blocks.


Somewhere in the depths of the businesses databases lives information that can be molded using reporting automation into actionable intelligence. Using tools like PowerBI or Qlik we can not only create rich and real time reporting, but reports that can be subtly changed by the average power user.

Statistical Analysis

Advanced statistical techniques such as utilization of distribution curves and Bayesian analysis help identify problems and opportunities that reach statistical significance. A veritable unusual anomaly detector.

Machine Learning

One of the fastest areas of growth, machine learning algorithms combined with big data have made major strides in their ability to supplant human decision making in some instances. This includes fraud detection, predicting future inventory needs, and facial recognition of employees among other capabilities.


The ability to monitor a business’ performance is critical. Imagine looking at a single web page that updates in real time with graphs and charts showing the health of your business. Tools like these can be easily created by leveraging business databases you likely already have in place.  These tools can easily leverage your business’ pre-existing data bases.

Review some real dashboards we designed

Review business intelligence user interface dashboard design implementations by Sr. Product Design Consultants and Sr. Business Intelligence Analysts at Product Perfect.

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We partner with these industry leading platforms

Visualize the secrets hidden within your data

Data Storytelling

BI tools enable users to connect to and ingest data from multiple types of storage platforms. Data visualization software like Qlik, Tableau, and Spotfire allow drag-and-drop functionality for users to define their measures, sets, groups, and hierarchies.

Conversational analytics interfaces

Conversational BI empowers users to build customizable chatbots that are linguistically rich and provide data in a conversational, interactable way. Natural language query (NLQ) and natural language generation (NLG) help democratize data so decision-makers can decide when and where they want it.

Cloud-enabled analytics

Today’s BI tools give users the ability to build, deploy and manage analytics and analytic applications in the cloud, based on data residing in the cloud, on-premises, or across multi-cloud deployments. Flexible and serverless cloud architecture lets organizations scale BI deployments across an organization as needed.

Pixel-perfect reporting

Data visualization options go beyond simple pie, bar and line charts today. Heat and tree maps, geographic maps, scatter plots, sunburst, Sankey, and other special-purpose visuals are easily added to dashboards to create pixel-perfect, parameterized and paginated reports. These can then automated and sent on schedules to a large user community.


of manufacturing businesses currently employ some form of cloud BI/analytics.

2020 Dresner Advisory Services. “Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence Market Study”

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