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SQL Server Database Developer


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SQL Data Analyst Duties and Responsibilities 

Duties vary for SQL data analysts based on the specific needs of the hiring company and the amount of data being analyzed. However, these core tasks are commonly associated with this job: 


·        Architecture: Create, normalize, optimize, document, and communicate the data model with the involvement and guidance of the principal architect and subject matter experts. 

·        Integrate Data: SQL data analysts integrate data from multiple data sets into o:nedatabasesystem to streamline information. 

·        Create Database Functions: SQL data analysts program specific database functions to create database triggers and design data tables. 

·        Design Reports: After reviewing and analyzing data, SQL data analysts design reports to show statistics and other information about specific database topics. 

·        Clean Database: SQL data analysts remove dead data files and other irrelevant information to free up database space. 

·        Write Scripts: SQL data analysts write scripts to analyze data and perform specific data queries. 

·        Resolve Data Issues: SQL data analysts isolate and resolve issues with data and databases. 

·        Add Data: SQL data analysts collect data from multiple sources and add it to the database. 

·        Source Controlled data objects: Work with Redgate and other vendor's products, at the direction and guidance of the principal architect, to establish and invoke specific source control routines on all database objects being developed against by the development team. Assist that team in their environmental pushes/pulls/deploys, thus streamlining the database object and data flow.  



·        SQL Server 

·        tSQL 

·        SQL Server Stored Procedures with advanced logic  

·        Deep familiarity with t-SQL, timetables, advanced joins, while loops, and other complex SQL routines 

·        Optimization, SQL profiler, SQL analyzer, replication, cross-database queries, etc. 

·        MS Azure SQL 



While these requirements are a guideline, feel free to apply even if you don't meet some of these. 


·        10+yearsexperience working with SQL Server and other relational enterprise database systems 

·        Experience with software design and data design modeling and methodologies 

·        BS degree in Computer Science or Engineering 

·        Proven working experience as a data analyst or business data analyst 

·        Technical expertise regarding data models, database design development, data mining and segmentation techniques 

·        Experience using Git(repositories, branches, merging, etc) 

·        Experience designing databases from scratch including hundreds of tables, foreign/primary keys, indexes, triggers, performance optimization and performance tuning, compositekeys, trade-offs between data storage options, data manipulation techniques, etc. 

·        Strong communication skills, both written and verbal