Hiring guide for Ada 95X2 Engineers

Ada 95X2 Developer Hiring Guide

Ada 95X2 is not a recognized programming language. It's possible there might be some confusion with Ada 95, which is a version of the Ada programming language that was standardized in 1995 by ISO. This general-purpose, high-level computer programming language was initially developed in the late '70s and early '80s for the U.S Department of Defense to supersede over thousands of languages previously used by contractors. The name "Ada" was given in honor of Augusta Ada King-Noel, Countess Lovelace who has been credited as being one of the first programmers due to her work on Charles Babbage’s proposed mechanical general-purpose computer - The Analytical Engine. As for "95", it refers to its revision year (1995). The design goals for this particular version were simplicity and maintainability as well as support for modern software engineering principles such as strong typing, modularity mechanisms (packages), run-time checking etc., while ensuring backward compatibility with older versions. However, there isn't any information available about an iteration or variant called "Ada 95X2". There are later versions like Ada2005 or even more recent ones like ADA2012 but no record exists about something called ADA 95X2. If you have further details or context regarding this term we would be happy to provide more accurate information!

Ask the right questions secure the right Ada 95X2 talent among an increasingly shrinking pool of talent.

First 20 minutes

General Ada 95X2 app knowledge and experience

The first 20 minutes of the interview should seek to understand the candidate's general background in Ada 95X2 application development, including their experience with various programming languages, databases, and their approach to designing scalable and maintainable systems.

How would you describe the main features of Ada 95X2?
Ada 95X2 has a number of key features, including strong typing, modularity mechanisms (packages), parallel processing (tasks, synchronous message passing), exception handling, and a wide range of predefined types (integer, floating point, enumerated, etc.). It also supports object-oriented programming, generics, and has a rich set of system programming capabilities.
What are the advantages of using Ada 95X2 for system programming?
Ada 95X2 provides a high level of abstraction that helps to reduce complexity, increase readability and maintainability. It has strong typing and exception handling which help to prevent and detect errors. It also supports multitasking and real-time programming, making it ideal for system programming.
Describe the difference between strong typing in Ada 95X2 and weak typing in other languages.
In Ada 95X2, strong typing means that the type of a variable is checked at compile-time and any type mismatch is treated as an error. This helps to prevent bugs and improves code safety. On the other hand, weak typing in other languages allows more flexibility but at the cost of potential runtime errors due to type mismatch.
How would you handle exceptions in Ada 95X2?
In Ada 95X2, exceptions are handled using the keywords 'exception', 'raise', 'when', and 'others'. You can define your own exceptions and associate them with error messages. When an exception is raised, control is transferred to the nearest exception handler that can handle the exception.
What are the uses of packages in Ada 95X2?
Packages in Ada 95X2 are used for modularity and information hiding. They group related types, variables, and subprograms into a single logical entity. They also provide a namespace mechanism that can help to prevent name clashes.
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What you’re looking for early on

Does the candidate have a solid understanding of Ada 95X2 language features?
Is the candidate able to discuss their past projects using Ada 95X2?
Can the candidate identify and explain the use of standard Ada 95X2 libraries?
Does the candidate show good problem-solving skills?

Next 20 minutes

Specific Ada 95X2 development questions

The next 20 minutes of the interview should focus on the candidate's expertise with specific backend frameworks, their understanding of RESTful APIs, and their experience in handling data storage and retrieval efficiently.

Describe the difference between tasks and protected objects in Ada 95X2.
Tasks in Ada 95X2 are units of concurrency and are used for parallel processing. They have their own thread of control and can execute independently. On the other hand, protected objects are used for synchronizing tasks and protecting shared resources from concurrent access.
How would you implement generics in Ada 95X2?
Generics in Ada 95X2 are implemented using the 'generic' keyword. You can define generic packages, procedures, or functions with generic formal parameters. These parameters can be types, constants, or subprograms. When you instantiate a generic, you provide actual parameters that match the formal parameters.
What are the benefits of using object-oriented programming in Ada 95X2?
Object-oriented programming in Ada 95X2 allows for data abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism. This can lead to more modular and reusable code, and make it easier to design complex systems. It can also help to model real-world entities and relationships more accurately.
Describe the difference between private and limited private types in Ada 95X2.
In Ada 95X2, a private type hides the details of its implementation but allows operations that can change its value. On the other hand, a limited private type not only hides its implementation but also disallows copying and assignment, ensuring that the only way to manipulate objects of the type is through the operations provided in its package.
How would you ensure safe use of pointers in Ada 95X2?
Ada 95X2 provides a safe and controlled use of pointers through 'access' types. It prevents dangling references by ensuring that an object is not deallocated as long as there are access values that designate it. It also prevents aliasing problems by allowing anonymous access types that cannot be copied.
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The ideal back-end app developer

What you’re looking to see on the Ada 95X2 engineer at this point.

At this point, a skilled Ada 95X2 engineer should demonstrate strong problem-solving abilities, proficiency in Ada 95X2 programming language, and knowledge of software development methodologies. Red flags include lack of hands-on experience, inability to articulate complex concepts, or unfamiliarity with standard coding practices.

Digging deeper

Code questions

These will help you see the candidate's real-world development capabilities with Ada 95X2.

What does this simple Ada 95 code do?
with Text_IO; use Text_IO;
procedure Hello is
  Put_Line ('Hello, world!');
end Hello;
This code will print the string 'Hello, world!' to the standard output.
What does this Ada 95 code snippet do?
with Ada.Text_IO; use Ada.Text_IO;
procedure Swap is
  A, B, Temp : Integer;
  A := 5; B := 10;
  Temp := A;
  A := B;
  B := Temp;
end Swap;
This code is swapping the values of two variables, A and B. Initially, A is 5 and B is 10. After the swap, A will be 10 and B will be 5.
What will be the output of this Ada 95 code related to array manipulation?
with Ada.Text_IO; use Ada.Text_IO;
procedure Print_Array is
  type Integer_Array is array (1 .. 5) of Integer;
  Numbers : Integer_Array := (1, 2, 3, 4, 5);
  for I in Numbers'Range loop
    Put_Line (Integer'Image (Numbers (I)));
  end loop;
end Print_Array;
This code will print the numbers 1 through 5, each on a new line. It defines an array of integers and uses a loop to print each element.
What does this Ada 95 code do related to threading or concurrency?
with Ada.Text_IO; use Ada.Text_IO;
with Ada.Real_Time; use Ada.Real_Time;
procedure Delay_Print is
  delay 1.0;
  Put_Line ('Print after 1 second delay');
end Delay_Print;
This code will print the string 'Print after 1 second delay' after a delay of 1 second.

Wrap-up questions

Final candidate for Ada 95X2 Developer role questions

The final few questions should evaluate the candidate's teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills. Additionally, assess their knowledge of microservices architecture, serverless computing, and how they handle Ada 95X2 application deployments. Inquire about their experience in handling system failures and their approach to debugging and troubleshooting.

What are the features of Ada 95X2 that support real-time programming?
Ada 95X2 supports real-time programming through features like tasks for concurrency, protected objects for synchronization, and real-time systems annex that provides facilities for timing events, task dispatching, and handling of timing and deadline issues.
Describe the difference between declarative and imperative programming in Ada 95X2.
Declarative programming in Ada 95X2 involves expressing the logic of a computation without describing its control flow, often using constructs like types, constants, and packages. Imperative programming, on the other hand, involves coding with statements that change a program's state, often using constructs like loops, assignments, and procedure calls.
How would you use Ada 95X2 to develop a high-integrity system?
To develop a high-integrity system in Ada 95X2, I would take advantage of its strong typing, exception handling, and static analysis capabilities to prevent and detect errors. I would use its modularity and object-oriented features to manage complexity. I would also use its system programming capabilities like tasks and protected objects to handle concurrency and synchronization issues.

Ada 95X2 application related

Product Perfect's Ada 95X2 development capabilities

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