Hiring guide for Pascal Script Engineers

Pascal Script Developer Hiring Guide

Pascal Script is a scripting language variant of the Pascal programming language, designed for seamless integration within applications. It was developed by Carlo Kok of Innerfuse and RemObjects Software, drawing inspiration from the Delphi programming language. The language is dynamically typed and has automatic memory management features, making it user-friendly for beginners. Pascal Script is widely used in software applications due to its simple syntax and high-level data abstraction capabilities. Its robustness and efficiency have made it a popular choice among developers worldwide.

Ask the right questions secure the right Pascal Script talent among an increasingly shrinking pool of talent.

First 20 minutes

General Pascal Script app knowledge and experience

The first 20 minutes of the interview should seek to understand the candidate's general background in Pascal Script application development, including their experience with various programming languages, databases, and their approach to designing scalable and maintainable systems.

How would you declare a variable in Pascal Script?
In Pascal Script, you declare a variable using the 'var' keyword followed by the variable name and its type. For example, 'var x: integer;' declares an integer variable named x.
What are the basic data types in Pascal Script?
The basic data types in Pascal Script include integer, real, char, string, and boolean.
How would you write a conditional statement in Pascal Script?
A conditional statement in Pascal Script is written using the 'if' keyword, followed by the condition, then the 'then' keyword, and the code to execute if the condition is true. An optional 'else' clause can also be added for code to execute if the condition is false.
What is the difference between the 'div' and '/' operators in Pascal Script?
'div' is an integer division operator, it discards the remainder and only returns the quotient. On the other hand, '/' is a real division operator, it returns the quotient as a floating-point number.
How would you define a function in Pascal Script?
In Pascal Script, a function is defined using the 'function' keyword, followed by the function name, parameters, return type, and the code block. For example, 'function add(a, b: integer): integer; begin result := a + b; end;' defines a function that adds two integers.
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What you’re looking for early on

Does the candidate have a good understanding of Pascal Script language?
How well does the candidate understand object-oriented programming?
Can the candidate solve complex problems using Pascal Script?
Does the candidate have experience with software development methodologies?

Next 20 minutes

Specific Pascal Script development questions

The next 20 minutes of the interview should focus on the candidate's expertise with specific backend frameworks, their understanding of RESTful APIs, and their experience in handling data storage and retrieval efficiently.

What are arrays in Pascal Script and how would you declare one?
Arrays in Pascal Script are a collection of elements of the same type, stored in contiguous memory locations. An array is declared using the 'array' keyword, followed by the range of indices and the type of elements. For example, 'var numbers: array[1..10] of integer;' declares an array of 10 integers.
Describe the difference between 'procedure' and 'function' in Pascal Script.
Both 'procedure' and 'function' are subprograms in Pascal Script that encapsulate a sequence of statements. The main difference is that a 'function' returns a value, while a 'procedure' does not.
How would you handle exceptions in Pascal Script?
Exceptions in Pascal Script are handled using the 'try..except' construct. The code that might raise an exception is placed inside the 'try' block, and the code to handle the exception is placed inside the 'except' block.
What is the use of the 'record' data type in Pascal Script?
The 'record' data type in Pascal Script is used to group related data of different types. It is similar to 'struct' in C or an object in JavaScript.
How would you implement recursion in Pascal Script?
Recursion in Pascal Script is implemented by having a function call itself. It's important to have a base case to stop the recursion, otherwise it will result in an infinite loop.
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The ideal back-end app developer

What you’re looking to see on the Pascal Script engineer at this point.

At this point, a skilled Pascal Script engineer should demonstrate strong problem-solving abilities, proficiency in Pascal Script programming language, and knowledge of software development methodologies. Red flags include lack of hands-on experience, inability to articulate complex concepts, or unfamiliarity with standard coding practices.

Digging deeper

Code questions

These will help you see the candidate's real-world development capabilities with Pascal Script.

What does this simple Pascal Script code do?
program HelloWorld; begin write('Hello, World!'); end.
This code prints the string 'Hello, World!' to the standard output.
What will be the output of the following Pascal Script code?
program Sum; var num1, num2, sum: integer; begin num1 := 10; num2 := 20; sum := num1 + num2; write(sum); end.
The output of this code will be '30'. The code declares two variables 'num1' and 'num2', assigns them the values 10 and 20 respectively, calculates the sum of these values, and then prints the result.
What does the following Pascal Script code do with an array?
program ArrayExample; var numbers: array[1..5] of integer; i: integer; begin for i := 1 to 5 do numbers[i] := i * 10; for i := 1 to 5 do write(numbers[i], ' '); end.
The code initializes an array 'numbers' of size 5 with each element equal to its index multiplied by 10. It then prints the array elements separated by spaces. The output will be '10 20 30 40 50 '.
Can you explain this Pascal Script code related to threading?
program ThreadExample; var i: integer; begin for i := 1 to 100 do begin newThread(@functionName, @parameters); end; end.
This code creates 100 new threads using the 'newThread' procedure. Each thread runs the function 'functionName' with the argument 'parameters'. Note that this is a simplified representation and actual threading code would require proper synchronization and error handling.

Wrap-up questions

Final candidate for Pascal Script Developer role questions

The final few questions should evaluate the candidate's teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills. Additionally, assess their knowledge of microservices architecture, serverless computing, and how they handle Pascal Script application deployments. Inquire about their experience in handling system failures and their approach to debugging and troubleshooting.

What are the uses of pointers in Pascal Script?
Pointers in Pascal Script are used for dynamic memory allocation and to create complex data structures like linked lists and trees. They can also be used to pass parameters by reference to a function.
Describe the difference between 'public' and 'private' visibility in Pascal Script.
'public' and 'private' are visibility specifiers in Pascal Script. 'public' members of a class or record can be accessed from anywhere, while 'private' members can only be accessed within the same class or record.
How would you create a class in Pascal Script?
A class in Pascal Script is created using the 'class' keyword, followed by the class name and a code block containing the class members and methods. For example, 'type TPerson = class private name: string; public procedure setName(n: string); end;' defines a class named TPerson with a private member 'name' and a public method 'setName'.

Pascal Script application related

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