Application Facelifts

Modern user interfaces for existing applications

Helping clients re-imagine their existing applications, without paying the price of redevelopment

Senior design consultants; state-of-the-art tools

UI refresh projects require understanding the entire stack

From highly observable to less observable

Mapping under the water-line

Creating a masterful refreshed user experience is a process that requires an entire team, skilled in both the front-end user experience, as well as the back-end, custom-crafted software development logistics.

Highly observable to less observable

The less observed layers of the application is what so much of the user experience depends upon. Our holistic focus to these deepest levels allows a true transformation of the entire application.

Pharmacy benefits management UI facelift

Redesigned and refreshed a leading pharmaceautical firm's flagship benefits management desktop application into a web application using modern technologies and languages.

Dashboard user interface redesign

Supporting nationwide brokers in their quest to see just enough relevant data when logging into their dashboard.

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Admin commission system design and development

Provided detailed analysis and data modeling to create a self hierarchical model for commissions for nationwide partners and affiliates to receive commissions. Then provided detailed screen mock ups and flow charts to illustrate the usage across technical and functional layers.

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Pharmacy locator design and development

Deeply integrated maps and search system, indexing hundreds of thousands of national pharmacies to provide nearly instant results proximal to the users current location.

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Dose tracking monthly calendar

Designed and built the backend web services and data model support for a dosage tracking calendar for medication‘s and prescriptions.

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Dose tracking daily tracker

Adapted the dose tracking system to a daily view, for user interface designs and backend webservices development.

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Price comparison engine and user experience

Designed the data model and web services methods, and implemented the web services for a detailed price comparison system for drugs pricing matrix visualizations.

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"They understood the pharmaceutical industry well and built for us a beautiful, custom platform that tied-in to our vendors and partners seamlessly."

Erin Fergus, Accounting Manager, PRAM

"The product design stage is critical in a software renovation and redevelopment process."

Jeff Sherwood, Senior Product Design Consultant, Product Perfect

"We focus on the intersection of function, feature, and design. We strive for excellence in hitting that mark every time."

Shawn Livermore, Senior Consultant, Product Perfect

The computer science of an artistic facelift

The notion of front-end redevelopment is well-understood, but the facelift approach is not always a clear-cut path. We've broken it down into supportive phases and systems, and have successfully executed those processes for many clients.


Whitepaper: Facelift vs. Rewrite - How to Justify Either Approach

Get a sense for the right direction to take with your application that needs a visual or holistic improvement. Does it require a full rewrite? or would a facelift of the software user experience / user interface be possible?

Legal Automation

Helping our client in the legal industry build-out a new single page web app for clients to manage their cases.

Download Sample Product Designs

Tax Payment Processor

Working with the second largest property tax payment processor in the United States on their flagship products.

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Pharmaceutical App

Renovating and replatforming a web application for a leading pharmaceutical brokerage firm.

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Extracting enormous value from operational facelift work and UX reconfigurations

Facelifts for applications can make all the difference, without breaking or deconstructing the existing source code footprint. The value escalator below is a great tool to demonstrate how consultative assessment engagements can help organizations reinvent their applications – and often times – reinvent portions of their key lines of business.

Business analysts and product designers work together to apply the facelift procedure to existing web and desktop applications, and are usually able to showcase the recaptured value, one workflow at a time.

Same code, new UI.

Facelifts that enable transformation, but do not obliterate the source code

We help businesses modernize their IT systems, specializing in application facelifts, legacy system modernization, and digital transformation with a focus on IT modernization services, technology modernization, and software development, including adoption of microservices, containerization, and cloud-native technologies to enable rapid and reliable software deployment, as well as hybrid cloud solutions, migration planning services, and cloud infrastructure services, with Agile methodology, quality assurance services, system integration, data architecture, and analytics and business intelligence services to drive digital innovation and deliver an exceptional user experience.

Design deliverables: user interface facelifts + fresh new user experiences

Review actual screen mockups of beautiful user interfaces and user experiences created by Sr. Product Design Consultants at Product Perfect.

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Case Study Interview: Fintech Software UI Facelift

Shawn Livermore, CEO and Founder, discusses a software product facelift project for a large fintech payments processor in the United States.

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LERETA envisioned revamping its flagship product offering with a new look and feel, and recognized this would impact organizational strategy... and most fundamentally, client interactions...the Product Perfect team exceeded expectations.

Paul Larkin, Former Chairman of the Board, LERETA

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