Application Redevelopment

Comprehensive and exhaustive application redevelopment

Helping clients rediscover and reinvent their primary applications

Learn how Product Perfect migrated a flagship Windows desktop application to a modern web app for a pharmaceutical benefits brokerage firm in Southern California.

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Most common application redevelopment projects

Working with our clients to renovate and migrate existing and legacy flagship application to modern, cloud-native platforms.

Legacy / Mainframe

Working with mid-sized and large organizations to transform and rework their line-of-business legacy applications that are typically running languages like COBOL, Natural, C++, Assembly, and similar. These legacy applications often impose a substantial burden on both the headcount of the IT group, as well as the complexity of integrations with other databases and applications.

Desktop & Utility

Our implementation teams will engage and renovate, rewrite, migrate, or supplant any Windows or Mac based desktop applications. Languages like C++, C#, Visual Basic, .NET, Python, Java, or similar are used, in collaboration with the preferences of the client.

Web Apps & Websites

Whether it’s modern web SPA apps (single-page-applications), JavaScript-based web apps, or any other type of web applications, our dev teams provide full-service analysis, design, development, deployment, release, and support for it all. Learn more about our development processes, and the onsite analysis engagements that often lead to app redevelopment projects.

Rebuilding and reworking the foundations

The process of redevelopment can be far-reaching and often require participation from multiple levels of an organization. But the outcomes and benefits are truly transformational, and usually net a result that can not be achieved with any other approach. It takes 2 key processes: 1) app design, and 2) app development.

App Design Process

App Development Process

"Product Perfect’s work touched numerous areas of the company. The intellectual capacity and technical maturity of the Product Perfect team exceeded expectations."

Paul Larkin, Former Chairman of the Board, LERETA

"I believe the Product Perfect senior leadership can have an enormous impact in a consulting engagement. I have seen it first-hand."

Pete Klein, Software Development Manager, Microsoft

"I’ve leveraged Product Perfect in multiple engagements over the last ten years. They have a trusted network of diverse talent and operate with integrity -- highly recommended."

Steve Orgill, Chief Technology Officer, LERETA

"Product Perfect quite literally saved our company. They recovered our data, rearchitected and rebuilt our flagship product, and recalibrated our ongoing technical teams for success."

Richard Bridges, Chief Insurance Officer, PRAM Insurance Services

"We were thoroughly impressed and grateful for the impact that the Product Perfect consulting team had on our entire organization."

Scott DeLong, Executive Team, Confidential Client


Development language competencies

Though our teams can cover nearly all development platforms and languages on the planet, below are some of the most common project languages we see as we engage with clients across the United States.


  • C#


  • NodeJS

  • .NET Core

  • JavaScript

  • Python

  • Java

  • Spring

  • Apache Cordova

  • Pascal


  • Electron

  • Flutter

  • Angular

  • React

  • Hadoop

  • Torch/PyTorch

  • APL

  • Algol

  • RPG

  • R


  • Xamarin

  • Objective-C

  • Swift

  • JavaScript

  • HTML5

  • SCSS


  • Assesmbly

  • Assembler


  • Basic


  • Natural

  • Z/OS

  • PL/I

  • C/C++

  • Java

Case Study

Real estate data industry EA topology and legacy modernization planning

Learn how Product Perfect helped a large real estate data and payments processing services firm document its large and complex enterprise application footprint to help strategically plan a multi-year modernization effort.

Sample software product design deliverables

Review actual screen mockups of software product design implementations by Sr. Product Design Consultants at Product Perfect.

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Our app redevelopment capabilities

Software Development

  • Website Development

  • App Development

  • Mobile Development

  • AI/Machine Learning

  • Enterprise Systems

  • AR/VR Development

Experience Design

  • UX & CX Research

  • UX & Visual Design

  • Brand Identity Design

  • Industrial Design

  • Digital Product Design

  • Video & Motion Design

Cloud Native App Development

  • Containers and serverless

  • Data lakes, warehouses

  • Security automation

  • Agile Development

  • CI/CD pipelines

Robotics & Engineers

  • Manufacturing automation

  • Automous robotics

  • Product Development

  • Test Automation

  • Internet of Things

  • Research & Development

Traditional App Development

  • Virtual machines

  • Data warehouses

  • Security monitoring

  • Waterfall development

  • Migrations

Innovation Strategy

  • Innovation as a Service

  • Design Thinking Services

  • Innovation Sprints

  • System Design

  • Digital Product Strategy

  • Technology Architecture

Cloud-Based App Development

  • Data lakes

  • Security automation

  • Agile development

Working on industry-leading cloud platforms

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“Innovation should be at the heart of your applications”

Ramanath Venkataraman, Integrated Global Services Lead

Other Application Modernization Services

Aside from our full service technology software consulting general offerings, we offer various other types application modernization, including these below.

Connect with our team for a focused, collaborative session.

Schedule Call

Discovery Call

Senior consultants with previous experience with these types of projects can set the stage for a well-framed engagement.

Discovery Call Details

Product Deep-Dive

A focused session on your specific software applications, platforms, or projects. Typically this includes technical resources from both sides.

Deep Dive Call Details