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Sample Deliverables for Tech Assessment Engagements

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Engaging on enterprise applications

Consultants conduct in-depth technical analysis interviews with all the key players and subject matter experts to bring together a vivid picture of the entire application footprint. This process can take months, and usually leads to broad and far-reaching modernization decision points.

Step 1

Framework of Analysis

  • Establish the agreed upon framework for interviews, assessments, and analysis
  • Confirm suite of deliverables from available options

Step 2

Oversight & Reporting

  • Client oversight designations
  • Reporting intervals confirmed
  • Project plan ratified

Step 3

Personnel & Schedule

  • List of interviews with attendees
  • Topics and coverage areas
  • Schedule published

Step 4

1st Round of Interviews

  • 1st round of interviews
  • Captured content transcribed & modeled
  • Reporting to oversight

Step 5

2nd Round of Interviews

  • 2nd round of interviews
  • Captured content transcribed & modeled
  • Reporting to oversight

Step 6

Software Tools & Products

  • Business analysts & technical architects prepare draft of deliverable materials
  • Stakeholder update

Step 7

Iterative Refinement

  • Working with key client personnel & oversight, iterate on draft deliverables

Step 8

Delivery Session

  • Branded edition of deliverables prepared, printed, presented
  • Final stakeholder update/delivery

Samples from a few of our popular engagement types

Our assessment engagements typically produce comprehensive, diagnostic, wall-sized diagrams that have garnered some critical conversations.

Enterprise Application Topology Engagements

A comprehensive suite of diagrams showing systems, applications, databases, and server infrastructure.

Preview Deliverable Samples

Application Integration Assessment Engagements

Detailed analysis of how apps integrate with the enterprise, and what options exist for enhancing, replacing, or migrating those points.

Preview Deliverable Samples

IT Roadmap and Strategy Engagement

Working with IT leadership to compose artifacts that shape the budget, staffing, integration/migration planning, and all other projects in scope.

Preview Deliverable Samples

"Product Perfect was able to analyze and articulate in great detail the nature and scope of our technology challenges."

Eddie Batista, VP of Information Technology

Other assessment engagement types

Aside from our full service technology software consulting general offerings, we offer various other types of consultative assessment engagements, including these below.

Connect with our team for a focused,  collaborative session.

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Discovery Call

Senior consultants with previous experience with these types of projects can set the stage for a well-framed engagement.

Discovery Call Details

Product Deep-Dive

A focused session on your specific software applications, platforms, or projects. Typically this includes technical resources from both sides.

Product Call Details